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    The ultimate coverage
    for your entertainment.
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  • DIRECTV Protection Plan*

    Protection Plan
    $7.99 per month
    Protection for all your DIRECTV devices plus an equipment upgrade every 2 years.
  • What you get:*

    • An upgrade to the latest equipment every 2 years
      Eligibility for an upgrade to the latest equipment every 2 years with a renewed 24 month agreement
    • Complete DIRECTV® System coverage
      If any part of your DIRECTV® System stops working as expected for any covered reason we'll troubleshoot, repair, or replace it. {id:"DIRECTV_coverage"}See what’s covered.
    • 24/7 phone support
      If there's an issue with your equipment, call 1-800-531-5000 anytime to speak to a technical expert.
    • Fast and convenient repair service
      If your issue can't be resolved over the phone, we’ll send you replacement equipment. Or, if necessary, we’ll arrange for a professional technician to come to your home.
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  • DIRECTV Protection Plan Premier*

    Protection Plan Premier
    $19.99 per month
    Everything in DIRECTV PROTECTION PLAN plus protection for all your favorite entertainment devices.
  • What you get with Premier:*

    • Everything in the DIRECTV PROTECTION PLAN


    • Affordable protection
      It is less expensive and more convenient than buying individual plans for each device.
    • Peace of mind for all your favorite
      entertainment devices
      We’ll troubleshoot, repair or replace devices in your home, old and new: LCD TVs, LED TVs, plasma TVs, tablets, laptops and computers. You can add additional devices to this plan anytime. {id:"entertainment_devices"}See what’s covered.
    • Want more protection for your laptops and tablets?
      For just $4.99 more a month, safeguard your laptops and tablets against accidental damage such as drops, spills, and cracked screens.^
    Select PREMIER with Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH) for $24.98/mo.
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