DIRECTV error code: 928

This error message indicates that your Wireless Video Bridge is not working correctly, or you need to reset the connection for your Genie receiver.

Learn how to fix error 928

This error code appears in the following circumstances:
  • Your Wireless Video Bridge has lost power or is rebooting.
  • Your wireless connection is unstable.
  • You replaced the Genie receiver and need to reconnect the Wireless Video Bridge.

Important information

If your Wireless Video Bridge is restarting, please wait for it to finish. This error should resolve after completion.

A green light indicates power on the Wireless Video Bridge. If the power light is not green:
  • Make sure the outlet has power.
  • Check the cable connection is securely plugged in and not damaged.
Did you recently replace your Genie receiver?
  • If yes, while on the Reset Wireless Connection (error 928) screen, press 9 8 7 6 on your remote to proceed with resetting the wireless connection. Then, reconnect your Genie Mini to your main Genie receiver.
  • If no, please contact us.