Landlord Approval Letter for DIRECTV

Download and print out the Landlord Approval form for your installation appointment.

Get approval for DIRECTV service installation

You can still get DIRECTV® service if you rent. Have your landlord sign the Landlord Approval Letter before your installation appointment.
  1. Open the Landlord Approval Letter (PDF, 107KB). It’s available in English and Spanish.
  2. Read through the letter and deliver to your landlord for approval.
  3. Have a signed letter ready for the technician before your installation appointment. The technician can’t install DIRECTV without a signed Landlord Approval Letter.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has a rule that forbids local governments and homeowners' associations (HOAs) from enforcing unreasonable restrictions on the installation of satellite dishes one meter or smaller. For more info, visit the FCC website.

Note to MDU landlords in California: If you’d like a copy of the CA Landlord Permission Form or Consent Verification completed for a common/restricted area installation at your property, email your request to Please include the property name and address, customer name and address and approximate date of installation.