Change or update AutoPay payment method

Use a new payment method, choose a different stored payment method, or update a debit or credit card expiration date.


When your AutoPay update takes effect

  • If the payment method you choose is the same payment type as before, the update takes effect immediately. Example: You’re using a checking account and changing to a different checking account.
  • If the payment method you choose is a different payment type, the change may take up to two business days. Until the change is complete, we’ll make automatic payments using your previous card or bank account. Example: You’re using a debit card and changing to a checking account.
  • While you can’t change the scheduled AutoPay date, you can pause a scheduled AutoPay payment for the current month and make a one-time payment online. You’ll have to pay a late fee for any bills you don’t pay in full by the due date.