Troubleshoot your DIRECTV Wireless Genie Mini

Make sure your DIRECTV Wireless Genie Mini isn’t causing the issue you’re having with your TV. Follow our troubleshooting steps to check your setup.

Check your Wireless Genie Mini setup

If the picture on your TV is unclear, or the screen is black or grey, it could be an interrupted or poor signal. Make sure the setup isn't the cause of your problem:
  1. Locate your Wireless Video Bridge and confirm:
    • It's standing upright and nothing is covering it.
    • The light is blue.
      Wireless Video Bridge
  2. Verify your Wireless Video Bridge location is:
    • 8 feet away or more from your Genie HD DVR and your Wi-Fi router.
    • 4 feet away or more from your Wireless Genie Mini device (can't be farther than 85 feet away).
    • The Wireless Video Bridge is not behind a TV or other blocking surface.
      Set up for Wireless Video Bridge
  3. When the Wireless Genie Mini moves from its original location, be sure to check the following:
    • Verify the Wireless Genie Mini light is green. If it’s yellow, the location of the Wireless Genie Mini may be preventing a good signal. Exterior or stone walls, such as fireplaces, can block the signal to the Wireless Video Bridge. Try moving it to a different location.
    • Make sure the HDMI connection to the TV is secure.
    • Check that the TV input selection.
    • Try changing the channels.
    • Press and hold the red reset button located near the access card to reboot the system.

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