Troubleshoot a DIRECTV Genie HD DVR

Learn how to solve a warning or error message and load a DVR playlist.

Tips for fixing error messages and loading the DVR playlist

Troubleshooting error messages

Are you seeing a warning or an error message? Here are some tips to fix them. For help with remote control issues, please refer to Troubleshoot your DIRECTV remote.

Disk Space Warning
If you’re getting a disk space warning, you may have less than 10% of free space on your DVR. To find out how much recording space is left on your DVR, view the status bar in your DVR Playlist. To do that:
  1. Press LIST on your remote control.
  2. On the Playlist screen, view the status bar.

Error message: No Servers Detected
If you see No Servers Detected, it means the Genie Mini can't identify and connect to the Genie HD DVR. Follow the steps in Troubleshoot the No Servers Detected error message to fix the error.

Error message: DVR Busy
This error message appears when someone is watching the same recorded show on a TV that's connected to one of the Genie Minis. To fix the issue, go to your TV that's currently playing the recorded show you want to stream. Press Stop or EXIT on the remote control to stop the playback.

Tip: Many issues can be fixed by resetting your DVR or receiver. It may take up to 24 hours for programming info to appear in the program guide after restart.

Troubleshooting a DVR playlist

If you can't see the DVR playlist when using the DIRECTV app, you'll need to access your HD DVR and your mobile (or GenieGO) device. Your mobile device can display only one DVR playlist at a time.

Is there more than one HD DVR in your home? If they are not on the same Whole-Home network, make sure you're troubleshooting the right one.

If you're home and ready to troubleshoot, follow the steps below:
  1. First, enable access to an external device on your HD DVR. Go to your HD DVR and press MENU on your remote control.
  2. Select Settings > Whole-Home > External Device.
  3. Set External Access to Allow.
  4. Set Current Program to Allow.
  5. Set Recordings to Allow.
  6. Confirm the internet connection for the HD DVR. Press the dash (-) button on the remote control. The message Internet: Not detected appears is there is no connection. Follow the steps in Troubleshoot the No Servers Detected error message to fix the error.

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