Cancel wireless service or remove a line

Learn how to remove a wireless line from your account or cancel service.


What to know before you cancel wireless service

If you have an installment plan

The remaining unpaid installment balance is due immediately when you cancel the line linked to the plan. The balance will appear on your next bill. This includes accessory installment agreements.1
Learn how to pay off an installment plan

If you don't have an installment plan

You'll have to pay an Early Termination Fee (ETF) if you cancel before the end of your service commitment. We prorate your ETF for each full month you complete. Find out how to estimate your ETF if it applies.

If you activated a device within the last 14 days

  • You can find out how to return your device and cancel service on the AT&T Wireless Return Policy page.
  • If you placed an online order, you don’t have to pay a restocking fee for returns that fall under the 14-day return policy. Did you pick up an online order in the store? Go to one of our stores to have the restocking fee waived. Fee waiver is subject to change.

If you want an alternative to canceling

Cancel wireless service or remove a line

FYI: Looking for details on how to cancel another service? Learn how to cancel AT&T Internet, Phone, or U-verse TV

We hate to see you go. To remove a line or cancel service, call us at 800.331.0500

For Idaho, Illinois, and New York wireless accounts only: If you ordered service online, you may be eligible to cancel that wireless service online at If you don’t already have one, you’ll have to sign-up for an AT&T account to submit an online cancel request.

Get details on canceling:

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