What is an FCO (Fire Code Occupancy)

Learn about FCO and how to submit the FCO for your business to view sporting events in public viewing spaces.

What’s an FCO?

  1. Fire Code Occupancy (FCO) is the maximum building occupancy that is allowed in a commercial business and is typically validated through an FCO Certificate. The FCO Certificate must be issued by the fire department, local government office or zoning agency and include the establishment's name and address.
  2. The FCO Certificate is required to display/view seasonal sports programming and Pay-Per-View events in Public Viewing establishments. DIRECTV must have your approved Fire Code Occupancy (FCO) certificate, or alternative FCO documentation must be on file prior to the activation of any FCO premium sports package.
  3. Alternative FCO documentation can include:
    1. Building Occupancy Certificate (only if maximum occupancy is listed)
    2. Business License (stating number of seats)
    3. Letter from Fire Marshall, building inspector or other city official (must be signed and on official city letterhead and indicate specific occupancy) Certificate of Inspection (stating capacity of location)
    4. Life Hazard Use Certificate of Registration (stating maximum capacity number)
  4. Email your documents or call 888.388.4249 if you have questions.

Good to know:

FCO documentation is subject to review and approval prior to the activation of programming. FCO value is not required for Business and Private Viewing establishments.

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