Regional Sports Networks (RSN)

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What’s an RSN


  1. Regional sports networks (RSN) consist of live broadcasts of professional and collegiate sporting events.
  2. The Regional Sports Network (RSN) service and fee apply to certain markets to watch in-market seasonal sport games. Many DIRECTV customers in your area have requested these channels so they can watch all the games from their local teams, so we include them.
  3. Want access to Regional Sports Networks outside your area? Check out DIRECTV SPORTS PACK. In accordance with blackout rules, customers who subscribe to SPORTS PACK won’t receive sports programming outside their market on these channels. Out-of-market games may be included separately as part of professional and collegiate sports subscription packages.
  4. RSN fee may apply for certain base packages, such as BUSINESS XTRA™ PACK and COMMERCIAL XTRA™ PACK subscribers in select zip codes where DIRECTV is contractually obligated to distribute multiple regional sports networks.


Get the weekly sports schedules. Programming availability will be based on your package type and zip code.

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