Sports Features, Sports mix Channel and Score guide

Learn how to customize your guide to watch different sporting events simultaneously.

Customize your entertainment

  1. SPORTSMIX® Channel - watch up to eight different sporting events, highlights, and analysis from popular sports networks at the same time, all in HD!
    • Tune to channel 205 SPORTSMIX.
    • Use the ARROW buttons to highlight a channel and to hear audio for that channel.
    • Press SELECT to tune directly to that specific channel. For full Mix Channels and interactive functionality, HD equipment model H/HR 21 or later is required.
  2. SCOREGUIDE™ - get sports scores and the latest stats instantly without changing the channel or missing a big play.
    • Press the RED button when watching any sports channel.
Good to know:

When a game is blacked out, set your receiver to automatically search for it on another channel. Game Search™ setting defaults to Off; if you would like to use this feature, change setting to On. Available on H44 & H25 HD receivers.

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