Watch 4K Ultra HD shows and movies

Find out how to watch DIRECTV in 4K ultra high-definition.


Access 4K Ultra HD

Here’s what you need to watch shows and movies in 4k Ultra HD:

  • A Genie® HD DVR (Model HR54 or above) connected to the internet
  • A 4K-compatible TV (like A DIRECTV® 4K Ready TV) connected to a 4K Genie Mini receiver
  • DIRECTV Select or Mas Latino package and above

Want to make your DIRECTV 4K Ready TV the primary TV in your Whole Home network? Just connect the Genie HD DVR to a secondary 4K TV.

Heads up: 4K programs won't be available on the DIRECTV 4K Ready TV if it’s connected to the Genie HD DVR.

Available 4K Ultra HD channels


  • Ch. 104 – 24/7 channel featuring shows, and original series
  • Ch. 105 – Live sporting events
  • Ch. 106 – Live sporting events
  • Ch. 107 – Pay Per View movies
  • Ch. 108 – Pay Per View movies

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