Change your DIRECTV STREAM package

Don’t want those premium options with your DIRECTV STREAM experience? Good news: You can make changes to your subscription anytime.
Things to note:
  • Your online account displays packages and premium options currently available to you. You can view and change your subscription package anytime. If changing to a no-annual contract package, you will not be able to switch back once the new billing period begins.
  • If you receive your DIRECTV STREAM through your community (such as your building manager, HOA or via your rent), you can view your subscription package anytime by logging into your DIRECTV STREAM online account. However, you cannot downgrade your subscription below the community provided programming. You can manage your subscription by following the steps below or by contacting customer service at 866-258-8766.
  • If you receive DIRECTV STREAM as a courtesy service (such as a free account for demonstration), you can manage your account online or by contacting customer service at 888-342-7288, for assistance.
Here’s how:
  1. Go to your Account Overview
  2. Under My TV Package, select Manage My TV Package.
    • For package changes, choose Switch To.
    • For premium networks and international options, choose Add or Remove.
  3. Review your desired changes and select Submit to save.
Heads up:
     Your updated package and new pricing won't take effect until your next bill period. We can’t refund or credit you for partial months or unwatched content.

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