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  • Soccer

    Cover the pitch
    worldwide with
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  • Suit up with your favorite club.

    With DIRECTV, you get all the soccer you can handle from across the pond and right here in the States. See exclusive coverage of the top leagues and clubs—right on the screen. When it comes to soccer, no one covers the pitch like DIRECTV.
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  • MLS Direct Kick
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  • Your season ticket
    to every MLS team.

    No matter where your favorite team is playing, you can follow them from the inaugural match to the final PK with MLS Direct Kick. You'll get the action all season long from all 24 MLS teams—that's up to 300+ regular-season out-of-market matches, plus pre-game and post-game shows. Olé!

    View MLS Direct Kick 2018 Schedule
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  • FOX Soccer Plus
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  • Hard-core fan?
    You need FOX Soccer Plus.

    FOX Soccer Plus brings you the best international and club soccer. You'll get 90 UEFA Champions League matches, 76 Scottish Premier League matches, England's FA Cup, and UEFA Europa League. You also get top rugby action, including the Heineken Cup, National Rugby League, and more!
$14.99 per month
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  • Worldwide
    soccer coverage.

    Enjoy exclusive live soccer from top competitors worldwide on the club and international level. You'll get matches from the UEFA Champions League, Barclays Premier League, Scottish Premier League, England's FA Cup, Liga MX from Univision, and more.
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  • Sports Packages

    Want sports? Text us:

    Activate any sports package with a simple text message. Just text "SPORTS" to 223322 and follow the prompts.
  • Want the ultimate sports experience?

    With Genie, our most advanced HD DVR ever, you can choose what teams you want to follow and find their game listings all in one place.
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