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  • UP Faith & Family: TV Shows, Programs, Movies & Events

    Discover which TV Shows, Programs, Movies or Events are available from the UP Faith & Family network. Watch UP Faith & Family on DIRECTV.

  • Channel Lineups DIRECTV FOR BUSINESS 855-833-7524

    DIRECTV FOR BUSINESS has the business channel lineup you need! Learn about our business packages and sign up today!

  • DIRECTV for Hotels – Satellite TV for Hotels & Lodging

    See why DIRECTV FOR BUSINESS is perfect for your hotel tv service needs. Find out more about our available services & sign up today!

  • TV for Restaurants & Bars 855-833-7524

    DIRECTV FOR BUSINESS is the perfect provider when it comes to tv for bars and restaurants. Learn more today and sign up for DIRECTV FOR BUSINESS!

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  • Set up a replacement Wireless Genie Mini ~ Article

    Learn how to set up a replacement Wireless Genie Mini, connect it to your Genie HD DVR, and activate it.

  • Set up your equipment ~ Article

    Learn how to connect and activate your DIRECTV receiver or remote.

  • Set up DIRECTV WholeHome DVR ~ Article

    Learn how to name receiver locations and manage and view Share Playlist settings.

  • Connect a replacement Genie receiver ~ Article

    Learn how to set up a replacement Genie receiver with a TV.

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