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  • UP Faith & Family: TV Shows, Programs, Movies & Events

    Discover which TV Shows, Programs, Movies or Events are available from the UP Faith & Family network. Watch UP Faith & Family on DIRECTV.

  • Everything you need to know to start watching 'Yellowstone' DIRECTV Binge

    Yellowstone is one of the best shows and the Paramount masterpiece keeps the hits coming. Explore Yellowstone episodes, plot points and more.

  • ‘The Gilded Age’ Season 1 Ending Explained and What to Expect From Season 2 DIRECTV Binge

    The Gilded Age's glittering debut season​​ has come to an end. The final episode of the HBO series aired Monday, March 21. It wrapped up some key

  • Moving DIRECTV Satellite TV Bring Your Satellite TV Service With You!

    Moving is hard, but moving with DIRECTV is easy! Find out how you can move in and start streaming ASAP. Don’t have DIRECTV SATELLITE yet? Sign up and start watching—instantly!

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  • Set up a replacement Wireless Genie Mini

    Learn how to set up a replacement Wireless Genie Mini, connect it to your Genie HD DVR, and activate it.

  • Set up the DIRECTV Alexa skill

    Learn how to set up your Alexa device to work with DIRECTV.

  • Set up DIRECTV parental controls

    Learn how to use DIRECTV parental controls to limit watching times, set spending limits, and block shows and channels.

  • Equipment setup

    Get help with setting up or activating your new or replaced Genie receiver, Genie Mini, Accesscard.

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