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  • Bring on the bold with CINEMAX®

    CINEMAX offers you entertainment that will keep you on the edge of your seat, with action-packed series like C.B. Strike, Outcast®, Rellik and Strike Back®, plus thrilling hit movie premieres every week. Plus, you get unlimited access to a huge library of the best entertainment. Watch live with eight HD channels, catch up with MAX On Demand or stream anytime with MAX GO® - all included at no extra charge with your subscription.
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    CINEMAX®, now available
    wherever you are.

    Watch on the go, anywhere. Instant access to every heart-pounding moment of the most thrilling series, movies that keep you on the edge of your seat, and so much more. Watch big premieres the moment they air. Stream all of CINEMAX® on your computer, tablet, or phone with DIRECTV Everywhere and MAX GO®.
    The Great Wall on CINEMAX®
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In the News

Visit the DIRECTV entertainment blog for breaking news, interviews, and behind-the-scenes looks at the hottest CINEMAX® shows.

  • Boom! Binge Strike Back Season 6 Now

    Watch our interview with the cast and binge the entire sixth season of Strike Back now!
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