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The Cowboy and the Senorita movie poster
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The Cowboy and the Senorita

  • TVG
  • 1944
  • 77 mins
  • Genre: Western
{ "tmsId": "MV000089680000", "materialId": "B000320330U3", "resumePoint": "", "tinyUrl": "", "isProtected": true, "hasAd": false, "posterImageUrl": "", "title": "The Cowboy and the Senorita", "description": "Things go from bad to worse for singing cowboy Roy Rogers (Roy Rogers) and his trusty companion, Teddy Bear (Guinn \"Big Boy\" Williams), when, after losing their jobs at a local caf\u00E9, the pair are accused of having kidnapped young Chip Williams (Mary Lee) who, in reality, is merely a runaway who\'s been tagging along with the cowpokes. But amidst these problems, Roy and his partner decide to team up with the girl and her half-sister, Ysobel (Dale Evans), and search for some long-buried treasure.", "channelLogoUrl": "", "reportingPlayerLocation": "Program Details", "reportingContentGroup": "E", "reportingContentType": "M", "reportingPremiumNetwork": "ENCORE", "reportingStreamingType": "PREMIUM", "reportingPlayerName": "DRM", "format":"SD" } Watch Now

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