DIRECTV Internet Service Addendum

Thank you for choosing DIRECTV! This Internet Service Addendum sets forth important terms and conditions regarding your Internet service from DIRECTV.

You received the DIRECTV Customer Agreement with your DIRECTV Order Confirmation if you subscribed to a DIRECTV programming package, or the DIRECTV Customer Agreement is being provided to you with this Internet Service Addendum if you are obtaining Internet service only. If you are leasing equipment from DIRECTV, including a modem for Internet service, you also received an Equipment Lease Agreement with your DIRECTV Order Confirmation or you are being provided with an Equipment Lease Agreement with this Internet Service Addendum. The Customer Agreement (as applicable), any Equipment Lease Agreement, this Internet Service Addendum, and the Acceptable Use Policy for DIRECTV Internet Service ("Acceptable Use Policy") comprise the terms and conditions of your service arrangement with DIRECTV. Please be sure to read and keep copies of all these documents. They are also available at .

In consideration of the provision of Internet access and other DIRECTV services to which you subscribe, you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions in addition to those set forth in the DIRECTV Customer Agreement, any Equipment Lease Agreement, and the Acceptable Use Policy.


If you subscribed to a DIRECTV programming package that included Internet service, Internet service is for the term specified by the programming package you selected and may be terminated only according to the terms of the DIRECTV Customer Agreement. If you are obtaining Internet service only, please contact DIRECTV to change or terminate service in accordance with the applicable Internet service commitment.


You will be charged for DIRECTV Internet Service (1) as provided in your programming package if you are obtaining Internet service with programming or (2) if you are obtaining standalone Internet Service, in accordance with the general billing procedures set forth in the DIRECTV Customer Agreement. You agree to pay these charges (in addition to all applicable charges and fees related to any programming package and other options that you have selected at the rates then in effect, in accordance with the Customer Agreement.


You may also incur data charges or feesfor accessing online services or purchasing games and other products and services through interactive options available through the DIRECTV Internet Service. You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for any such charges or fees, whether they are payable to DIRECTV or any third parties, including all applicable taxes. Subject to applicable law and payment card rules, you are responsible for protecting the security of payment card, bank account and any other personal information provided to third parties in connection with such transactions.


In order to receive Internet service from DIRECTV, you may need both a modem and a router (including a combined modem/router). You may lease or purchase a modem and/or router from DIRECTV. You may also provide your own modem and/or router. If you provide your own modem and/or router, it is your responsibility to ensure that is is compatible with the DIRECTV Internet Service. Please contact DIRECTV for compatibility requirements.


As a condition of your use of the DIRECTV Internet Service, you warrant that you are at least eighteen years old or have parental or legal guardian concent, and will not (1) use the DIRECTV Internet Service for any purpose that is unlawful under any local, state, federal or international law, treaty or convention, (2) use the DIRECTV Internet Service for any purpose that is prohibited by the terms and conditions of this Internet Service Addendum, any Equipment Lease Agreement, the Customer Agreement or the DIRECTV Privacy Policy, (3) use the DIRECTV Internet Service for any unauthorized commercial purpose, allow unauthorized connection to the DIRECTV Internet Service or engage in or abet the resale of the DIRECTV Internet Service, (4) use the DIRECTV Internet Service in any fraudulent, harassing, abusive or unacceptable manner, including but not limited to, using it to defame, harass, abuse, threaten, bully, stalk or violate the legal or privacy rights of others, (5) use DIRECTV's Internet Service in connection with surveys, contests, pyramid schemes, chain letters, junk e-mail, spamming or any duplicative or unsolicited messages to parties with whom you have no prior relationship (commercial or otherwise), (6) publish, distribute or disseminate any inappropriate, profane, defamatory, infringing, obscene, indecent or unlawful material or information, (7) transmit or upload any material that contains viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs, cancelbots or any other harmful or deleterious programs; (8) use the DIRECTV Internet Service in a manner that violates the intellectual property rights of others; (9) specifically advertise firearms or ammunition, tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, or other contraband; (10) create a false identity for the purpose of misleading others; (11) provide material support or resources (or conceal the nature, location, source, or ownership of material support or resources) to any organization designated by the United States Government as a foreign terrorist organization; (12) gain unauthorized access to, or attempt to interfere with or compromise the normal functioning, operation or security of, any portion of the DIRECTV Internet Service; (13) monitor any data, information or communications on any network or system without authorization; or (14) gain unauthorized access to the user accounts or passwords of other users.


You acknowledge and agree that DIRECTV has no responsibility for and does not exercise any control over any information, material or content that you may access using the DIRECTV Internet Service that is in any way sexually suggestive, offensive, objectionable, or unsuitable for children and that you are solely responsible for monitoring and controlling access to such content by you or anyone, whether a member or your household or otherwise, when using the DIRECTV Internet Service. DIRECTV does not review or control websites linked to or from the DIRECTV Internet Service and you acknowledge and agree that DIRECTV is not responsible for any losses you incur or claims you may have against the owner of third party websites as a result of your use of or access to such websites.

You acknowledge and agree that DIRECTV (1) is not responsible for misdirection, transmission errors, or the corruption of your data and (2) does not guarantee your ability to access all websites, servers or other facilities. You agree that DIRECTV assumes no responsibility for the content, advice or opinions posted, provided or otherwise contained in online social media, online communications of any kind, third-party websites, or placed by third-parties on DIRECTV websites.

You acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for the security of your user name and password as well as any other personally identifiable information provided by you online or that may be accessed, lawfully or unlawfully, by any third parties or any unauthorized persons as the result of your online activities or use of the DIRECTV Internet Service.

The above LIMITS ON OUR RESPONSIBILITY are in addition to and not in derogation of limitations on DIRECTV's responsibilities and warranty limitations in the DIRECTV Customer Agreement and any Lease Equipment Agreement.


You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless DIRECTV, its parents and subsidiaries, officers, directors, managers, representatives, and employees from and against all liabilities, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys' and experts' fees, related to or arising from your use of the DIRECTV Internet Service or any equipment used in connection with the DIRECTV Internet Service (or the use of the Service or any such equipment by anyone else) (1) in violation of applicable laws, regulations or this Agreement, (2) to access the Internet or to transmit or post any message, information, software, images or other materials via the Internet, (3) in any manner that harms any person or results in the personal injury or death of any person or in damage to or loss of any tangible or intangible (including data) property, or (4) in any manner that results in claims for infringement of any intellectual property rights.


You and DIRECTV agree that both parties will resolve any dispute arising under or relating to the DIRECTV Internet Service, this Internet Service Addendum, the Customer Agreement, the Equipment Lease Agreement, or regarding your DIRECTV programming service, through binding arbitration as fully set forth in the DIRECTV Customer Agreement.


DIRECTV may change (add to, delete or modify) the provisions of this Internet Service Addendum at any time without prior notice. The version of the Internet Service Addendum currently in effect is available on the DIRECTV website at .

Revised and effective: June 12, 2015

66994v2 (06/12/15)