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  • Russian TV Packages

    Russian TV Packages

    Your home away from home
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  • Russian TV Channels A feast of Russian movies
    and shows.

    With such an extraordinary variety of your favorite Russian channels you’ll feel like you never left home. See classic movies and new releases, popular TV shows, concerts, political commentary, as well as cartoons your kids will love.
Russian TV
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To activate a Russian TV package, you must first subscribe to a base TV package.
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  • Pust-Govoryat-Channel-One

    Pust' GovoryatChannel One, Channel 2140

    Pust’ govorjat is an informative talk show hosted by Andrey Malakhov. Guests of the show are famous and interesting people, who discuss relevant and original topics.
  • Kamenskaya6

    Kamenskaya-6RTR-Planeta, Channel 2141

    How far would you go to uncover truth? Now in its sixth season, this show follows Anastasia Kamenskya, the best analyst in Moscow Crime Investigation Department, as she solves seemingly unsolvable crimes, risking her own life in the process.
  • Double-Standards,-NTV-America

    Double StandardsNTV America, Channel 2146

    Double Standards is the new weekly project on NTV America hosted by Irina Shikhman and Andrei Samartsev. The hosts have completely different positions and views on topics discussed in each episode; they provide irrefutable arguments and evidence to convince the audience to join their camp.
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  • RussianDirectTM

    price 14
"Programming : International : Russian : Group : RussianDirect™ PLUS"
"Programming : International : Russian : List : RussianDirect™ PLUS"
  • RussianDirectTM PLUS

    price 29
"Programming : International : Russian : Group : RussianDirect™ II"
"Programming : International : Russian : List : RussianDirect™ II"
  • RussianDirectTM II

    price 34
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Order channels a la carte

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DIRECTV is the #1 Choice for Russian and English Entertainment!

Comparison of Directv, dish and cable
Comparison of Directv, dish and cable
Features Directv Dish Cable
5 Russian channels with unique entertainment for just 14.99/month1 Feature available Not available Not available
The only Russian-language channel for kids: Carousel Feature available Not available Not available
#1 in Customer Satisfaction compared to all other major cable and satellite providers2 Feature available Not available Not available
NFL SUNDAY TICKET – Every game. Every Sunday3 Feature available Not available Not available

1Plus additional fees. 2Claim based on 2016 ACSI survey of customers ranking their own TV provider’s performance.
3Out-of-market games only.
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How to Order

  • order by phoneOrder by phone

    Call 1-800-378-7169 to order any of our international packages. Our representatives can answer your questions and take your order in your native language.
  • order onlineOrder online

    You can order Russian-language international packages online. Just add a base programming package, then choose your international package.
"Programming : International : List : Base Packages"

Base packages just for you.

We offer base packages designed especially for our international viewers to customize with international TV packages.

  • Basic Choice Enjoy over 100 English-language channels, including over 69 music channels. Call number above
  • Preferred Choice Get over 145 all-digital English-language channels, 45 more than BASIC CHOICETM. You can also add international packages to any of our standard English and Spanish base packages. Call number above
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