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  • Cantonese & Mandarin Chinese TV Packages

    Cantonese & Mandarin Chinese TV Packages

    Your home away from home
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  • Chinese TV Channels An unbeatable lineup of the best
    in Chinese entertainment.

    Whether it's Cantonese and Mandarin TV entertainment you want, DIRECTV brings you an unmatched selection of movies, sports, news, lifestyle shows, and dramas from all of China. Get top-rated Cantonese channels like GZTV, 88TV, 88Films, and more. Or enjoy the best in Mandarin entertainment from the mainland, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.
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  • Cantonese movies and shows you can’t get anywhere else

    With the ChineseDirectTM package on DIRECTV, you’ll enjoy an unbeatable lineup of the best Cantonese TV entertainment, including movies, sports, lifestyle shows, and dramas you can’t get with any other provider.
Cantonese TV
international International
Call to order. You must also subscribe to a base programming package.
Call 1-800-378-5139
Existing Customers
Call 1-800-378-3309
"Programming : International : Chinese : List : Cantonese Channels"
  • Travelogue CCTV-News EG

    TravelogueCCTV News, Channel 2119

    Twelve years in the running, China Central Television's flagship travel show takes you to thousands of unrevealed destinations across the globe. Experience life-changing adventures in the comfort of your own home.
  • Entertainment-H.O.T%E5%A8%9B%E6%A8%82%E7%86%B1%E8%BE%A3%E8%BE%A3 88TV EG

    Entertainment H.O.T.88TV, Channel 2103

    Join the fun discussion of jaw-dropping celebrity gossips as well-known hosts humorously review the latest entertainment news and hot social issues in Hong Kong.
  • Happy-Chinese CCTV-4 EG

    Happy ChineseCCTV-4, Channel 2113

    Make learning Chinese fun and easy with this entertaining educational program. Made for beginners and intermediate learners alike, the hosts focus on daily conversational Chinese.
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  • ChineseDirectTM

    price 12
"International : Chinese : ChineseDirect"
Mandarin TV
international International
Call to order. You must also subscribe to a base programming package.
Call 1-800-378-5023
Existing Customers
Call 1-800-378-3309
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  • Catch top-rated Mandarin channels, thousands of miles away from home.

    MandarinDirect® III offers seven channels featuring the best Mandarin entertainment from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Enjoy up-to-the-minute news, popular variety shows, and dramas.
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  • If-You-Are-The-One JSTV EG

    If You Are The OneJiangsu Satellite TV, Channel 2054

    Depicted as the Chinese version of "The Bachelor", the infamous Chinese dating show is well received by viewers around the world. The show gives an interesting yet authentic take on real-life dating in modern days.
  • Super-Followers CTI EG

    Super FollowersCTI Zhong Tian, Channel 2056

    Hosted by Taiwan's most experienced comedic host Wu Zongxian and his daughter, the popular new talk show follows KangXi Lai Le's success, inviting the most famous celebrities to take part in various topics.
  • Day-Day-Up Charming-China EG

    Day Day UpCharming China, Channel 2055

    Co-hosted by Chinese celebrities as well as actors and singers from Japan and Korea, the show draws great attention for its humor, style, and popular guest stars.
"Programming : International : Chinese : Group : MandarinDirect®III"
"Programming : International : Chinese : Group : MandarinDirect®III"
  • MandarinDirect® III

    price 16
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DIRECTV is the #1 Choice for Chinese and English Entertainment!

Comparison of Directv, dish and cable
Comparison of Directv, dish and cable
Features Directv Dish Cable
2 exclusive Mandarin channels: JSTV and Charming China Feature available Not available Not available
ChineseDirectTM package delivers the best mix of Chinese, English, and sports programming Feature available Not available Not available
#1 in Customer Satisfaction compared to all other major cable and satellite providers1 Feature available Not available Not available
NFL SUNDAY TICKET – Every game. Every Sunday2 Feature available Not available Not available

1Claim based on 2016 ACSI survey of customers ranking their own TV provider’s performance. 2Out-of-market games only.
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How to Order

  • PhoneCall 1-800-378-5139 for Cantonese
    Call 1-800-378-5023 for Mandarin

    Call the number above to order. You'll need to add your international package to a base programming package, which starts as low as $18.99 per month.
  • CustomerCustomer Service

    Our customer representatives can answer your questions and take your order in your native language.
"Programming : International : List : Base Packages"

Base packages just for you.

We offer base packages designed especially for our international viewers to customize with international TV packages.

  • Basic Choice Enjoy over 100 English-language channels, including over 69 music channels. Call number above
  • Preferred Choice Get over 145 all-digital English-language channels, 45 more than BASIC CHOICETM. You can also add international packages to any of our standard English and Spanish base packages. Call number above
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