Marketing itself as a fan-first league, the XFL’s long-term success will be predicated on its ability to deliver a flurry of memorable moments, and surviving an unprecedented and unpredictable end to its 2020 season. “Less stall, more ball” is how the league had coined it. And four weeks into its comeback season, the XFL 2020 proved to be a superior product to its former incarnation, precisely because it had sported enough razzle-dazzle to captivate fans and differentiate itself from its big brother, the NFL.

However, despite attracting solid viewership numbers for its first batch of games, there was still a slew of sports fanatics who’d avoided the league altogether, skeptical that the XFL had moved far enough away from the gimmicks that sunk it in 2001. So, for those of you who hadn’t been following the XFL 2020 intently and for those hoping for its uncertain 2021 return, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite moments from the shortened 2020 season.

1. “A Big Moment For Us”

For a league that had seemingly been shuttered forever, the release of the schedule for the XFL 2020 season seemed almost miraculous and therefore tops our list of the best moments. Set up to work around the NFL season, and trailing the Super Bowl by one weekend, the 2020 season seemed primed to be “a big moment” for sports fans upon its unveiling.