Wonderful Wonder Woman Facts

Wonder Woman is known throughout the world, even by people who’ve never picked up a comic book before. And there’s a simple reason: Wonder Woman is awesome! She’s a symbol of peace, equality, and strength, both inside and out. But who is Wonder Woman really?

Created by writer William Moulton Marston and artist Harry G. Peter, Wonder Woman first appeared on comic pages in 1941. Since then, Wonder Woman has appeared in countless comic books, animated series and films, video games, print advertisements and commercials, and of course live action television and movies. Gal Gadot debuted as our first big screen, live-action Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the Patty Jenkins-directed Wonder Woman gave us a terrific primer on Princess Diana.

Here are a few more Wonderful facts you need to know about Wonder Woman:

Fact No. 1: She’s from an island with suffragette influences.

You may have seen a recent SNL sketch spoofing Themiscyra, an isolated island populated only by women – the Amazons. But you might not know that Themiscyra was originally called Paradise Island, and its creator was inspired by suffragettes and the belief that, as Screen Rant points out, “women could work more successfully together than they could with a man running the show.”

Fact No. 2: Gloria Steinem once nominated Wonder Woman for president.

According to a mental floss interview withDC Comics archivist and librarian Benjamin LeClear, Steinem got permission from DC to put her favorite childhood icon on the July 1972 cover with the tagline “Wonder Woman for President.”

Fact No. 3: The Lasso of Truth foreshadowed another invention.

Wonder Woman creator William Moulton Marston was an inventor of an early prototype of the lie detector!

Fact No. 4: Wonder Woman might have begun as a version of feminist propaganda.

Marston, a psychologist, may have started writing Wonder Woman comics as a way of disseminating his theories about emotions and to educate young men about the benefits of female empowerment.

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