An early AFC favorites showdown, hot quarterbacks, and tons of sacks: just another week in the NFL. We’ll give you all the 2018 NFL news you can handle in under three minutes each week. (Disclaimer: You can stay longer than three minutes. Time is relative.) Here’s the best of the NFL from Week 2.


The Dominant Jags and Belichick’s Gamble

Over the years, Bill Belichick has enjoyed more than his share of last laughs, not that he ever even smiles, anytime doomsayers dared to draw premature conclusions about his New England Patriots after an ugly early-season loss.

And still you can’t help but wonder if such doubts are justified after the Pats were pounded 31-20 by the Jaguars in Jacksonville on Sunday. Heck, when Blake Bortles outplays Tom Brady, it’s either a sign of the apocalypse or proof that age catches up with everyone sooner or later in the NFL. In the case of the 41-year old Brady, it doesn’t help that Belichick left him without enough wide-receiver weapons this season, trading Brandin Cooks and refusing to pay top dollar to keep Danny Amendola around.

And obviously, the Patriots’ coach is desperate for help because on Monday he traded a fifth-round draft pick to the Cleveland Browns for Josh Gordon, the talented but troubled WR who has missed most of the last four seasons due to substance abuse problems. High risk, extremely high reward.

But let’s also not overlook the obvious here: the Jaguars are becoming a monster. Remember, they had the Pats on the ropes in last year’s AFC Championship Game before playing scared with a lead in the second half, and now they’re back, with that ferocious defense and a more confident Bortles.

They obviously got Belichick’s attention as well. So will gambling on Gordon be his last-laugh move of this season, or is the dynasty finally, officially in decline?


Mahomes Bringin’ The High Heat

Can we get a radar gun on Patrick Mahomes’ fastball?