New York Comic Con 2017: Day 3 Highlights

New York Comic Con 2017: Day 3 Highlights

Day 3 at New York Comic Con 2017 featured more great cosplayers, some of the most highly anticipated panels of the convention and many opportunities to see swag, art and the actors involved with our favorite forms of entertainment. Here are some of the highlights from Saturday.

1. Wonder Woman mania! Fans can’t get enough of the Amazon, including one familiar face:

 2. And really, what would NYCC be without great cosplay? Even the NYPD got in on the fun! 

  • JL WW Batman.png
    • Wonder Woman & Batman
  • JL Aquaman and Mera.png
    • Mera & Aquaman
  • JL WW Cosplay.png
    • Wonder Woman
  • JL Batgirl Cosplay.png
    • Batgirl

You can check out even more cosplay roundups at GamesRadar.

3. At the DC Spotlight on Batman panel, writers Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV discussed DC’s Metal event tie-in, The Batman Who Laughs, and revealed some disturbing information about the origin of the title’s alternate-reality Joker/Batman hybrid. Check out the gruesome details at io9.

4. Longtime Joker voice actor Mark Hamill (yep, that Mark Hamill) has been popping up everywhere and losing his mind (and it’s adorable)

5. In probably the coolest panel of the day, DC president and Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns came to discuss the upcoming mash-up of the DC Universe with the Alan Moore classic, WatchmenDoomsday Clock, a twelve-part event comic series, will be hitting shelves this November. You can watch a video of the panel, as well as get a preview of the first six pages (and an unusual reappearance of a beloved character) over at Collider.

And as usual, check back in for more exclusive announcements, cosplay, and all the highlights of Day 4 tomorrow and dont’ forget to catch up on Day 1Day 2 and Day 4!