Lifetime Movie Club: It’s a Wonderful Lifetime Holiday Guide

Lifetime Movie Club: It’s a Wonderful Lifetime Holiday Guide

All the feels. All the thrills. All the time. Watch hundreds of Lifetime movies from beloved classics to hidden gems, plus exclusive premieres all commercial free on Lifetime Movie Club. From now to January 31, Lifetime Movie Club has 62 holiday titles including 2022 Lifetime premieres like Steppin’ Into the Holiday (Jana Kramer, Mario Lopez) and Reindeer Games Homecoming (Sarah Drew, Justin Bruening). Binge classic thrillers to holiday movie favorites all season long. Lifetime Movie Club can be found on DIRECTV Satellite channel 1920.

What to Watch on Lifetime Movie Club Over the Holidays

Steppin’ Into the Holiday‘ (2022)


Join Mario Lopez and Jana Kramer in a heartwarming tale as former Broadway sensation, Billy Holiday, makes a festive return to his roots for Christmas. Dismissed from his career, Billy seizes the opportunity to breathe life back into the town’s cherished Christmas Eve show, spreading joy and rediscovering the spirit of the season.

‘Reindeer Games Homecoming ‘ (2022)


In this enchanting story featuring Sarah Drew and Justin Bruening, witness MacKenzie’s annual quest to preserve her late father’s legacy—the beloved Reindeer Games. As the heartbeat of the town’s holiday tradition, MacKenzie competes passionately to uphold the cherished festive fundraising event, creating a heartwarming tale of continuity and community.

‘A Country Christmas Harmony’ (2022)


Join Brooke Elliott in A Country Christmas Harmony, where fading country music sensation Chrissy embarks on a journey back to her hometown. Facing declining music sales, Chrissy’s manager devises a plan for her to stage a televised Christmas concert, rekindling the magic of her musical roots and bringing harmony to the holiday season.

‘The 12 Days of Christmas Eve’ (2022)


Kelsey Grammer and Spencer Grammer star in this captivating tale of redemption. After a fateful Christmas Eve car accident, Brian Conway receives a unique opportunity from Santa—twelve chances to relive the day. Follow Brian as he navigates through the intricacies of repairing relationships, uncovering the genuine meaning of Christmas in The 12 Days of Christmas Eve.

‘The Holiday Fix Up’ (2021)


Jana Kramer leads us through The Holiday Fix Up, where Sam, a renowned designer, returns to her hometown for a holiday home renovation project. Unexpectedly paired with her ex-boyfriend, the contractor on the job, Sam must confront her past heartbreak while working together to bring festive cheer to the Bell Harbor Inn.

‘Holiday in Santa Fe’ (2021)


Mario Lopez takes us to Holiday in Santa Fe, where Casa de Milagro, a family-owned business, weaves Mexican Christmas traditions into holiday ornaments. Siblings Tony and Magdalena navigate the challenges of preserving their family legacy, bringing a touch of warmth and cultural richness to the season.

‘Christmas Dance Reunion’ (2021


Join Monique Coleman and Corbin Bleu in a heartwarming reunion at the Winterleigh Resort. Lucy returns to celebrate the hotel’s final Christmas season and reconnects with her childhood Christmas Dance partner, Barrett, in Christmas Dance Reunion.

‘Merry Liddle Christmas Baby’ (2021)


Kelly Rowland and Thomas Cadrot star in Merry Liddle Christmas Baby, as Jacquie and Tyler Liddle prepare for the joyous arrival of their first child. Experience the laughter, love, and anticipation that comes with this special holiday season.

‘Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding’ (2020)


Kelly Rowland returns in Lifetime’s first-ever Christmas sequel, Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding. Follow Jacquie and Tyler as they navigate the challenges of planning a perfect destination Christmas wedding, bringing joy and love to viewers once again.

‘Merry Liddle Christmas’ (2019)


In Merry Liddle Christmas, Kelly Rowland’s personal Christmas chaos inspires Jacquie’s struggle to maintain order during a glossy video shoot of “the perfect Xmas.” Potential romance with a new neighbor has Jacquie questioning old dating rules.

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