As we celebrate Earth Day 2023, it’s important to take a moment to reflect on our planet and our impact, as humans, on the environment. While there are many ways to raise awareness and take action to protect our planet, one effective way is through media. From honest documentaries to the optimistic fictional tales, explore a few movies and series that highlight the importance of preserving our natural world.


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‘Blue Planet II’

Blue Planet II (2017) is a nature documentary series that explores the oceans and the impact of human activities on marine life. Watch Blue Planet II now. And if you enjoy this series, check out Planet Earth and A Perfect Planet to hear David Attenborough at his best.



Avatar (2009) is a science fiction film that explores themes of environmentalism and the impact of human activities on other species and their habitats. Watch Avatar now, and when you’re done, catch Avatar: The Way of Water.


‘Before the Flood’

Before the Flood (2016) is a documentary produced by Leonardo DiCaprio that explores the effects of climate change and how we can prevent it. Watch Before the Flood now.



Wall-E (2008)  is an animated film that portrays a dystopian future where humans have left Earth due to environmental destruction. Watch Wall-E now.


‘The Lorax’

The Lorax (2012) is an animated film based on the Dr. Seuss book about a creature who speaks for the trees and fights against corporate greed and environmental destruction. Watch The Lorax now.


‘The Day After Tomorrow’

The Day After Tomorrow (2004) is a disaster film that portrays the catastrophic effects of climate change on the planet, including superstorms and extreme weather events. Watch The Day After Tomorrow now.



Interstellar (2014) is a science fiction film that follows a group of astronauts who travel through a wormhole in search of a new habitable planet to replace a dying Earth. The film explores themes of human survival, the impact of environmental destruction on our planet, and the role of science in saving humanity. Watch Interstellar now

For Earth Day, and beyond, these titles and more should inspire you to learn more about the environment and take action to protect it.


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