DIRECTV Goes Behind the Scenes of Westworld Season Two

Westworld has returned and to tide you over until the next episode, DIRECTV brings you this new video from HBO. This behind-the-scenes look at how the Westworld park was brought to life for season two includes commentary by co-creator Jonathan Nolan, as well as cast and crew members.

For season two, Westworld returned to Utah for filming in its iconic landscapes. But this upcoming season takes place in new areas that the hosts (and viewers) have never seen before, and filming in the wilderness was its own puzzle to solve. The sand dunes were apparently the most challenging weeks of shooting they’ve done on the show, according to production coordinator Shauna Sanders.

“As the hosts begin now exploring their own world, they start looking for parts of the park that feel a little different than the places they’ve explored before,” explains Nolan.

Evan Rachel Wood adds, “The scope this season is so much larger than last, and we’re getting to see just how massive the park really is.”

Finally, the video also gives viewers a peek at new technology the show used this year to give the outdoor scenes a bigger sense of space and place — film cameras on drones and helicopters, which allowed them to fully capture the vast landscape.

New episodes Sundays at 9pm on HBO. Catch up on DIRECTV.