DIRECTV Delivers More Choice with Seven New Channels from Cineverse and Scripps Networks

DIRECTV Delivers More Choice with Seven New Channels from Cineverse and Scripps Networks

DIRECTV is adding seven new channels to its rapidly expanding streaming lineup through new licensing agreements with Cineverse Corp. (NASDAQ: CNVS) and Scripps Networks.

The first of Cineverse’s more than a dozen popular channels to join DIRECTV streaming homes are The Bob Ross Channel, Comedy Dynamics, Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan, and Dove Channel (family programming). MeatEater TV, the popular outdoor lifestyle channel, will also be included. After that, DIRECTV and Cineverse will identify other popular networks from within the Cineverse portfolio to potentially add to DIRECTV’s lineup in subsequent months.

Additionally, through a separate deal with Scripps Networks, Court TV and Scripps News are also immediately available to DIRECTV customers’ streaming entertainment.

“We are creating a second-to-none lineup of streaming channels that will allow our customers to choose from a wider variety of genres or explore their most avid interests in greater depth,” said Rebecca Nelson, senior vice president of content and programming at DIRECTV. “This new relationship with Cineverse allows us to draw from one of the industry’s most dynamic portfolios to strategically add more channels as our customers begin to discover and embrace these new options.”

DIRECTV recently added several other channels for streaming customers, and this Cineverse agreement makes nearly 4,000 hours of individual on-demand shows representing all the most popular genres – including action-adventure, anime, animation, comedy, crime, drama, documentary, news, romance, reality, science fiction, horror, kids and family, sports, westerns, and music – available to DIRECTV in the future.

“With DIRECTV, our channels continue to expand their reach across platforms, increasing our ability to connect with existing fandoms and new audiences for our premium content across every popular genre,” said Cineverse EVP Partnerships Marc Rashba.

These channels are immediately available to any DIRECTV customers subscribing to the Entertainment package or above who receive their content via streaming, as well as any satellite customers who want to access them through the DIRECTV app.

Among the other popular channels from Cineverse’s portfolio potentially available to DIRECTV customers in the future are lifestyle channel about start-up businesses and entrepreneurship, EntrepreneurTV; children’s entertainment on  9 Story Presents: Garfield and Friends and Barney; horror channel SCREAMBOX TV; international unscripted reality channel So…Real; western staple The Lone Star Channel; the Real Madrid Channel dedicated to the popular Spanish football club; The Film Detective (classic films); RetroCrush (classic anime); AsianCrush (pan-Asian entertainment); Midnight Pulp (cult movies and TV shows) ; and the recently-introduced Sid & Marty Krofft Channel, featuring classic 1970s live action children’s fantasy programs like  “H.R. Pufnstuf,” “Land of the Lost,” and “Sigmund and the Sea Monsters.”