Calling All Gamers: AT&T Launches #GreatGame Campaign

Calling All Gamers: AT&T Launches #GreatGame Campaign

Calling all plumbers and hedgehogs. Calling all warriors and hunters. Calling all warlocks and elders. Calling all paladins and chosen ones. Calling all campers and rangers. Calling all talking animals, snarky sidekicks and emotional AI. Calling all gamers–

Close-up On Row of Gamer's Hands on a KeyBoard.jpgs, Actively Pushing Buttons, Playing MMO Games Online. Background is Lit with Neon Lights.

Recently at ESL One, AT&T launched Great Game, a campaign to combat the toxicity that has become so prevalent within the online gaming world.

#GG (Good Game) has always been a popular mantra to end matches in several different games, including StarCraft and Counter-Strike. But we’re taking it a step further by encouraging all gamers – professional and amateur – to use #GreatGame. You can commend other players on a game well played and promote a positive gaming environment. Who doesn’t want to do that?

We’re asking you to rally with us to find secrets together, to defeat bosses, storm castles, cross the finish line, and get the legendary ending together. We’re asking you not to just comment on a game well played, but to create one.

Be a role model and celebrate your fellow good sports by using #GreatGame in social and gaming chats.

As we elevate the gaming experience through our technology, our #GreatGame campaign aims to elevate the gaming experience by encouraging good sportsmanship. Toxicity is all too common in video games. In fact, 57% of people participating in a survey by Ditch the Label reported they have been bullied during their gaming experience.

But what if instead, we exchanged tactics and war stories and Easter eggs. What if a group of strangers with nothing in common but a common digital enemy chose to learn from one another instead of destroying one another? What if people from all walks of life, from all corners of the world, found this game, this server, and this moment, to enrich each other?

As a company, Great Game continues our mission to promote the responsible use of technology, including It Can Wait launched in 2010 to help end texting and driving, and Later Haters launched in 2016 to encourage teens to spread positive messages online.

Join us as we “press start” on a new beginning. To try to make gaming bigger than ever. More accessible than ever. More fun than ever. To join the battlefield as friendly rivals, not bitter enemies.

Don’t just find your #GreatGame. Make one.

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