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Identity Theft

What’s Identity Theft?

Identity theft refers to someone using another person's personal or financial information without their permission. That information is used to commit fraud or other criminal activity. Fraudsters will use personal information like your name, address, or credit card information for their own personal gain.

Take Steps to Protect Yourself

  • Use different passwords for different accounts, and use a combination of characters for each password
  • Use multi-factor authentication when available, which requires you to use two or more credentials to log in to an account
  • Check your accounts regularly for inaccurate or unfamiliar activity
  • Monitor changes to your credit report -- you can get a free copy by visiting the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s website
  • Close accounts that have been targeted by scammers, or resecure them with new passwords and/or pin codes
  • Install virus protection software on your devices
  • Shred documents that contain personal information

Reporting Identity Theft

If you suspect your personal information has been used to setup an unauthorized DIRECTV account, you can file an identity theft claim for our fraud team to investigate.
You should also report identity theft to the Federal Trade Commission. You can file a claim on their website and find helpful information on steps to take to recover from identity theft.
Consider contacting the three primary credit reporting bureaus listed below to place a fraud alert on your credit report to prevent criminals from opening credit accounts under your name.