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Choice. Convenience. Control.

Want to catch the latest hit DVD release without the DVD? Done. Missed the latest episode of the show you can't live without? No problem. With DIRECTV on DEMAND you can watch the hottest movies and your favorite shows on your own schedule. And best of all, this exclusive service is available at no extra charge to DIRECTV customers.

To enjoy the DIRECTV on DEMAND service, you need:

  • A DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR receiver (HR20 or HR21 model)
  • Your receiver must be connected to the Internet
  • HD Access and DVR service
  • Broadband Internet service with a minimum connection speed of 750 Kbps or higher (DSL or cable)
  • A network router with an available Ethernet port
  • A land-based phone line connection
  • An available wall outlet

You can connect your receiver to the Internet in the following ways:

  • Wired Connection: A direct connection between your broadband router and your DIRECTV PlusŪ HD DVR receiver via an Ethernet cable.
  • Powerline Connection: Your home's existing power lines are used to connect your broadband router to your DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR receiver via a Powerline Ethernet Adapter(See "Get Connected").
    Note: The first HDDVR networked will require 2 Powerline Ethernet Adapters. Each additional HDDVR networked will only require 1.
  • Wireless Connection: Your own wireless router and adapter are used to send data from your broadband router to your DIRECTV PlusŪ HD DVR receiver.

Get Connected

1. Log onto
2. Select "Add Kits & Equipment" from the "My Programming & Equipment" dropdown at the top of the page
3. Select "HD DVR Network Installation Kit"
4. Complete the order

Setup Guide

You can easily connect your receiver to the Internet yourself. Just follow our Self Installation Guide.

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