If theres one thing Americans can all agree on, it’s that any respectable 4th of July jam needs cold beverages, hot BBQ, and an even hotter soundtrack to properly celebrate the birth of our fine nation. And no we don’t mean your latest Soundcloud mixtape. We mean innovators and visionaries! We mean folk heroes and LGBT crusaders! We mean James Brown and Katy Perry!

From the broad stripes and bright stars of The Boss, to Prince’s purple majesty, join us on a journey for and by Americans (and a couple Brits…and a few Canadians) with songs that have captured the spirit, intentional or otherwise, of the good ol’ U S of A through the years. Or at least songs that have “America” in the title. We may be proud, but we ain’t picky!

From sea to shining sea, I want YOU…to listen to this 4th of July playlist!

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