From hot days to hot takes to Hard Knocks, each week we’ll give you all the 2018 NFL Preseason news you can handle in under three minutes. (Disclaimer: You can stay longer than three minutes. Time is relative.) Here’s the best of the NFL from Preseason week 3. 


Even In August, Expectations Hang Over $84 Million Man

Preseason or not, you can’t blame Minnesota Vikings fans if they’re a bit frustrated about newly acquired quarterback Kirk Cousins’s dreadful start against the Jaguars last week, perhaps wondering, “This is what we got for $84 million?”

So expectations are huge for the new guy, which raises the question of how he’ll handle the SKOL pressure. Cousins played well enough with the Redskins to become a heavily-pursued free agent and earn some serious cash, but he’s never won a playoff game. When you look a Cousins, though, he’s the ideal QB size, he puts up big stats and he’s got that competitive fire that coaches dream about. 

In the third preseason game, which is traditionally the dress rehearsal for the regular season, Cousins somewhat made up for last week’s pitiful start, but as it is, scrutiny will be heightened going into the season.

Indeed, while this may be the summer of the rookie quarterback, with first-round draft choice Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, and Josh Allen already earning raves for their pre-season play, none of them have the Super Bowl-or-bust expectations that hang over Cousins.

Not to mention that monster contract…