After two days of New York Comic Con, we’ve seen everything from special guest appearances to news and events about our favorite films and stories. There was even the release of some exclusive new merch! Let’s take a look at some of the most exciting appearances and panels so far.

1. DC fans all crowded in the Main Stage during the afternoon for some exclusive footage of Batman: Gotham by Gaslight, with appearances by Bruce Timm, Sam Liu and Jim Krieg. 


2. After, of course, stopping by the super cool and interactive Gotham City store sponsored by AT&T


3. With the announcement that there will be a new Justice League trailer release this Sunday morning at NYCC, the hype surrounding the thrilling and action-packed film has never been more intense. And with the film really not much more than a month away, who can blame us for our excitement? 


4. Getting to the heart of NYCC, even legendary cartoonist for Mad Magazine, Al Jaffee, made an appearance at the MAD panel Friday afternoon. 


5. To close the day, Geoff Jons and Lev Grossman hosted a DC at NYCC panel on The Doomsday Clock, which also streamed live on YouTube and Facebook for fans at home. 


6. Which of course led to the exciting reveal of pages by Jons himself!


After an exciting second day of New York Comic Con 2017, stay tuned this weekend for more NYCC exclusive releases and news that are still yet to come.

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