All video game players have been there at some point. There’s a stack of game discs buried in a drawer somewhere (or a generous amount of digital games you bought on sale up in the cloud), and you’ve finally given up and stopped promising your Discord fam that this is the weekend where you’ll finally press start on last year’s game-of-the-year. 

After all, it’s normal to have a backlog of games a mile long, and there’s no better time to address it than summer, as game makers save their best new releases for the lucrative holiday season. So, set aside some time, pull out your controller and let’s get to work on that pile of games. Here’s how to tackle your video game backlog. 


Get ready to rent


The easiest way, by far, to plow through a backlog of games is through a rental service. And in the game world, there’s only one gold-plated option: If you don’t have an actual pile of discs, but maybe a list in your head of games you’ve meant to check out, GameFly is tailor-made for the casual game fan. And it has uses for the hardcore gamers, too, but we’ll get to that.

Remember when Netflix used to mail actual DVDs out to movie fans in little envelopes? (Pssst: They still do that). That’s how GameFly still works. For a subscription fee between $8.95 and $36.95 a month, you can have one, two, or three games in your possession at a time. The pro move is to get the two-disc subscription. Why? Because it can take up to a week for GameFly to mail a new disc out to you, and that’s valuable time you could be churning through viewpoints in the last nine installments of “Assassin’s Creed.”