Just a few hours ago, Microsoft live-streamed an episode of “Inside Xbox” at Gamescom 2018 complete with developer interviews, release dates and more details from the big E3 reveals we saw back in June. Check out the details below, but if you’re in a rush…



  • The monster hunting, battle royale Hunt Showdown is coming to Xbox!
  • PUBG 1.0 is out Sept 4th. Finally no more “beta” excuses. 
  • Battlefield V has added a new game and character customizations for “Building Your Company”.
  • Forza has new “team-based” racing and competitive game modes (think tag but with sports cars).
  • Lots of Gamepass updates, including a new app that allows you to manage your subscription.
  • Sea of Thieves got some new sea creatures and boats, but suspiciously still no fishing…
  • There is Xbox S and X bundles for nearly every single game announcement. So if you’re just buying in, or upgrading, now is a probably good time. 



  • No news on the new “Elite 2” controllers (people are maaaaaaaad). 
  • The ambitious indie title, Sable has no firm release date, “late 2019”. Just have to wait a bit longer, unfortunately. 




Hunt Showdown – This game has been on Steam’s “Early Access” program on PC for a while now, but we’re very anxious to get our hands on the “Xbox Preview” version (instead of just watching matches on Twitch). For those unfamiliar, you and a partner are monster bounty Hunters. Your duo is pitted against other hunters and the goal is to kill and extract the monster (your bounty). However, once you have the bounty, everything on the map is alerted to your position; including other players. In other words, PVP and PVE at the same time. Yeeesh. To add to the stress, its permadeath, so all the cool gadgets and weapons you get along the way are gone if you take a dirt nap. Well, in this case, its a swamp nap.