Journal Entry:  6/11/2018

The fever dreams are back. Horrid nightmares from my subconscious dancing, taunting my memories. Anthropomorphic dead-eyed pandas, the queen of hearts, hipster ring masters challenging my grip on reality…Wait, wait, never mind. It’s a weirdly choreographed dance routine for Just Dance 2019.

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 3.10.16 PM.png

Actually, Ubisoft kept the weird going with space monkey’s, pirates, indestructible motor crossers, ancient assassins, viral pandemics, fabled knights, samurai, and vikings. Which is exciting as it sounds; in fact, even Gabrielle Shrager couldn’t contain the excitement as she got off stage. Her mic was still hot and you could hear “We nailed it, WE NAILED IT”. Which was really cute and had the audience laughing.


Beyond Good and Evil 2


Before I even bother to talk about this game, just watch the cinematic trailers over the years (it was initially announced more than 8 years ago).