In recent years, STARZ has produced three shows that take place during the height of England’s Wars of the Roses and that continue into the Tudor period. The series started with The White Queen, followed by The White Princess, and the first season of The Spanish Princess.

These shows on STARZ are full of royal intrigue, coups, backstabbing, affairs, and ruthless machinations. The best part is that it’s all based on real history, which makes the narratives that much more entertaining. There’s a reason TV and filmmakers keep coming back to this time period for shows and movies — the real-life events are more fantastical than anything a fiction writer could invent, and the plot points get juicier with every passing series.

If you’ve always wanted to jump in on these STARZ period pieces, here is a guide to the world of the Tudors and don’t forget to catch up on The Spanish Princess.


***Spoilers for shows on STARZ including The White Queen, The White Princess, and season one of The Spanish Princess follow***


Begin with ‘The White Queen’