Even the most casual Super Hero fan is familiar with Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman, but when it comes to Aquaman—DC’s King of the Seven Seas—folks tend to get the wrong idea. Well, he’s finally made his big screen splash in Justice League and we’ve got everything you need to know about Aquaman :

1. He’s Half-Human

Arthur Curry grew up on land believing he was a human. However, while his father was a human lighthouse keeper, his mother was the queen of Atlantis. His heritage endowed him with certain powers, but it also left him feeling like an outsider both in the sea and on land.

2. He’s Super Strong

He may not be as strong as Superman or Wonder Woman, but Aquaman is no slouch in battle. Even on land, he’s got super strength and nearly bulletproof skin.

3. He’s Most Powerful Underwater

Aquaman’s Atlantean heritage means he’s a super fast swimmer, and he can breathe underwater. Adapting to life deep under the ocean means his body can withstand enormous amounts of pressure.

4. He’s Skilled with a Quindent

As far as weaponry goes, a quindent is a pretty bold choice. It bestows on its owner the ability to manipulate water.

5. He’s Being Played by the Perfect Actor

In Justice League, Aquaman is portrayed by fan-favorite genre actor, Jason Momoa. His most famous role was as Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones, but he’s uniquely suited to bring Aquaman to life. Momoa was the youngest lifeguard in the history of the Gulf Coast, took an early role on Baywatch: Hawaii and even played a main character on Stargate Atlantis.

6. In the Comics, his Queen is a Badass

In the comics, one of Aquaman’s most important supporting characters is his queen, Mera. She also boasts super strength and many adaptations for underwater living. Unlike Aquaman, she can control water without the aid of his iconic Trident. However, in Justice League, she’s not yet queen and is portrayed by actress Amber Heard.

7. You Haven’t Seen the Last of Him in Justice League

After Justice League, you’ll be able to catch Aquaman and Mera in their own film, currently slated for December 2018.


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