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Friday Night Lights on The 101 Network only DIRECTV

The dramatic 3rd season of Friday Night Lights has ended.
Don't miss Wonderland on The 101® Network.

The critically acclaimed series from Friday Night Lights director Peter Berg was simply too intense for network TV. Now you can catch the entire season of Wonderland on The 101® Network. Only on DIRECTV. Tune in Wednesdays at 10 pm ET/PT.

The 101® Network, only on DIRECTV, is home to groundbreaking shows and programs you won't find anywhere else. Learn more

New Customers
Don't miss Wonderland on The 101® Network, only on DIRECTV.
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Don't miss an episode. Upgrade to a DVR receiver.

Friday Night Lights: ©2008 NBC Universal, Inc., Wonderland: © Touchstone Television. All Rights Reserved.
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