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  • Save money.
    Go solar.

    We're partnering with SolarCity to bring clean, affordable energy to more American homes than ever before.

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  • SolarCity DirecTV logo

    Join the growing community of
    Americans going solar.

    SolarCity is more than just America's #1 solar provider. We're proud to partner with them. They provide a clean, lower-cost alternative to traditional electricity. That's why you'll find SolarCity solar panels on DIRECTV facilities and employees' homes. We're also customers. Join us and the growing community of Americans going solar.
    Get your free SolarCity consultation today.
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  • Cleaner Energy

    Cleaner energy.
    Smaller energy bills.

    A SolarCity solar power system could save you thousands of dollars. That's because their low, predictable rates can be lower than your variable energy bills. Plus, every SolarCity installation includes 24/7 monitoring, a full warranty, and full-service repairs with no upfront cost.
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  • Solar Provider

    America's #1
    solar provider.

    There are plenty of reasons to go solar and plenty more to choose SolarCity as your provider. They're bringing clean, affordable energy to more American homes than ever before. They've signed over 200,000 customers in 18 states and add a new customer every three minutes.
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  • Get your FREE SolarCity quote today.

    Simply fill out the form and a SolarCity representative will call to answer any questions you may have.
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  • Have questions about SolarCity products or services?

    Call 1-888-674-1270
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