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"Prospect HP : NFL Fan : Slideshow"
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  1. { "url": "https://cdns.directv.com/cms2/offer/2013_Fall_Offer/PRHP/hdr_PRHP_0923_NFLTest.jpg", "delayInterval": 0, "reportingModuleName": "Prospect HP : NFL Fan : Slideshow", "reportingElementId": "9000006", "reportingElementName": "Prospect HP : NFL Fan : Slide" } $('header_slide_overlay').wrap('a', { 'href': '/DTVAPP/new_customer/base_packages.jsp' }); $('ctl_tup').addClassName('nfl-ticker'); $('ctl_slideshow_bg').append({ before: new Element('div', {id:"ticker"}) }); <a href="/DTVAPP/new_customer/base_packages.jsp"><div id="savings_overlay"></div></a> <a class="js_rollover" title="offer_rollover" id="offer_details_rollover">Offer details</a> <div class="dtv-rollover-tup" style="display: none;" id="offer_rollover"> <div class="dtv-rollover"> <span class="dtv-rollover-content"> <strong>ALL DIRECTV OFFERS REQUIRE 24-MONTH AGREEMENT.**</strong> Prices exclude premiums and additional and advanced receiver fees. <br> Price(s) include the following instant bill credits for 12 months: $30 for ENTERTAINMENT Package ($35 for CHOICE Package, <br> $36 for XTRA Package, $38 for ULTIMATE Package and above).<br> Offers end 10/2/13. New customers only on approved credit; credit card required (except in MA &amp; PA). If you fail to maintain your<br> programming agreement, you agree that DIRECTV may charge you a prorated fee of up to $480 ($20 per month remaining).<br> If you cease to be our customer you must contact DIRECTV within 7 days to arrange for an equipment return kit.<br> If we haven't received your equipment within 21 days or if the returned equipment is in damaged condition an Equipment <br> Non-Return fee will apply. Applicable use tax adjustment may apply on the retail value of the installation. <br> Programming, pricing and offers are subject to change and may vary in certain markets. </span> </div> </div>
"Prospect HP : NFL Fan : DTV GameMix"
  • Unleash the power of DIRECTV with eight games on one screen.

    It’s like having your own broadcast control room at home. Tune to DIRECT GAMEMIX (Ch. 702) on your TV and see up to 8 games all at once in amazing HD, complete with live scores and game clock. [?] View All Packages
"Prospect HP : NFL Fan : DTV Red Zone Extra"
  • Never let big plays out of your sight with Red Zone Channel®.

    When you want to see the final yards of all the scoring drives around the league, just tune to the RED ZONE CHANNEL® and see them all—on your TV or your mobile device. View All Packages
"Prospect HP : NFL Fan : DTV Fantasy Football"
  • New! Elevate your season with fantasy stats and LIVE games everywhere, on any device.

    Watch any game LIVE online with any device you have handy — your tablet, your phone, your laptop. When you’re home, you can even watch one game on your device, another on your TV.
    View All Packages Try our new NFL app
"Prospect HP : NFL Fan : DTV Genie"

Upgrade your TV experience with Genie,
our most advanced HD DVR ever!

  • Record 5 shows at once, so no one's show gets left out in the cold.
  • Store up to 200 hours of HD shows, so no one's show gets deleted to make room for someone else's. [?]
  • Watch a different live or recorded show at the same time in 4 separate rooms, so everyone gets what they want. [?]
"Prospect HP : NFL Fan : DTV All Packages"
"jDMG Countdown 2"
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