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"Content Partners: Intro"
  • Content Partners
    In an ongoing effort to provide our customers with the best possible TV experience, DIRECTV has teamed with the industry-leading companies below to deliver comprehensive information on the movies and shows you want to watch.
"Content Partners: Partners"
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    Common Sense Media

    With their detailed and up-to-date database of parental rating information, Common Sense Media makes it simple to quickly and accurately decide what programs are right for your children based on your own values and ideals. DIRECTV has integrated Common Sense Media ratings into its TV listings both on your TV screen and online.

  • img imdb

    The Internet Movie Database (IMDb)

    IMDb is the Internet's premier source of entertainment information. Want to know who made that movie? Who starred in it? When it was made? Where it was shot? IMDb has the answer. Its massive catalog includes almost every actor, film and television program. DIRECTV has joined forces with IMDb to bring you the information you're looking for on just about anything or anyone on TV.

  • img wordpress


    WordPress is a leading online publishing platform and the most popular content management system available on the Internet. DIRECTV partners with WordPress to bring you the latest information from the world of entertainment, as well as DIRECTV programming, technology, and more.

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    Gracenote is the leading provider of entertainment data and technology. DIRECTV partners with Gracenote to deliver TV listings information, and movie and show descriptions for our on-screen and online guides and VOD catalogs.

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