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  • Sign up for Paperless Billing.

    Save paper and reduce clutter.
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"Support : Go Paperless : Safer, Simpler, Greener "
  • safer


    No more paper bills means no more sensitive printed information finding its way into the wrong hands.
  • simpler


    Every month, you’ll get an email notification when your bill is ready. Just pay it online with a few clicks. Plus easily access your past statements.
  • greener


    Save the money you spend on stamps and help save trees while you’re at it. It’s good for you—and the environment.
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  • Make life even simpler. Sign up for Auto Bill Pay.
    Your DIRECTV bill we be automatically deducted from your checking account, credit card, or debit card
    every month without your having to lift a finger. Make your life simpler. Go paperless today!
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