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  • hdr past season 1
    Patty Hewes, a charismatic and cunning high-stakes civil litigator, is after a two-billion-dollar settlement for the defrauded employees of Arthur Frobisher’s defunct company. She hires Ellen Parsons to look for evidence that Frobisher used inside information to sell his stock just before the news of his firm's questionable dealings hit the market. Ellen soon realizes that her dream job might not be what it seems. Is it too late to turn back?
  • hdr past season 2
    After her unprecedented victory over billionaire Arthur Frobisher, Patty Hewes has the world at her feet. Just as she's pondering her next move, a man from her mysterious past catapults her into a new legal challenge. What starts as a domestic murder case escalates into the highest reaches of government, as Patty unearths a vast conspiracy. Meanwhile, Ellen is working as an informant for the FBI and will stop at nothing to take down Patty.
  • hdr past season 3
    Hewes and Associates is the court-appointed trustee charged with recovering funds stolen in the Louis Tobin investment fund Ponzi scheme. Patty believes Tobin and his family have hidden vast sums of money and is determined to return it to his victims. Ellen, who now works for the DA's office, believes that Patty will find some way to get to the money, while the DA’s hands will be tied by adherence to the letter of the law.
  • hdr past season 4
    Two years after the Tobin case, Ellen has moved on with her life. When she discovers her high school sweetheart has been through a traumatic experience while working for High Star, a private security firm hired by the U.S. government to carry out special missions in Afghanistan, she suspects foul play and asks Patty for help. Patty knows that trying a case against High Star can make Ellen's career. Or ruin it.
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  • There's Only One Way to Try a Case

    Two years have passed since Patty and Ellen last worked together. Ellen has taken a position at Nye’s firm, but her ultimate goal is to open her own practice. She reconnects with her high school friend, Chris Sanchez, who has recently returned from a stint at High Star, a private contractor in the Middle East. Unable to get assistance from the corporation or the government, Ellen decides to look into his case. Both her new boss and Patty warn Ellen about building a case against Howard Erickson and the High Star Security Corp.
    A High Star contact, Jerry Boorman, tracks Ellen. Erickson pressures Congresswoman Donna Chase to maintain government support and funds for High Star. Chris, shaken from his last failed mission, reaches out to his old friend and recruiter, Anthony Carter. When Ellen interviews a widow from Chris’s recent failed mission, she discovers he is hiding information. Chris seeks therapy, but his new therapist is killed in an apartment gas explosion. Flash forward: A hooded man is beheaded.

    Meanwhile, Patty has spent the last two years raising her granddaughter, Catherine. With her son having left town, she’s been caring for the baby and experiencing a second chance at motherhood—all while still pursuing big litigation cases. Ellen urges Patty to find for her son, Michael. Patty fires her nanny after one day, when the nanny points out that Patty forgot her granddaughter’s birthday.
  • I've Done Way Too Much for This Girl

    Ellen presents the High Star case to senior partners at Nye, Everett and Polk and Jessica Lowry, a widow of a High Star contractor. Chris learns his therapist was killed by a gas explosion, and he’s paranoid someone is after him. Ellen offers to provide security for him, but he declines. Jerry Boorman orchestrated the explosion without Howard Erickson’s knowledge. Erickson insists Chris isn’t a threat, but Boorman insists on handling the situation his way.
    Patty is still searching for a nanny. Patty warns Ellen the firm won’t take her case, but Ellen surprises her when she announces they’ve already accepted it. Howard Erickson drops by Chris’s house to check on him. Offers him the chance to renew his contract, but Chris insists he’s not in good enough shape to go back. Victor Huntley, now looking for Michael, gives Patty an update which is little to nothing. Michael has left no trace of activity in the past two years.

    Ellen learns the partners have changed their minds and won’t take the case. Boorman seemingly tortures a Muslim captive to get him to say he was tracking Chris Sanchez. Boorman takes Chris to see the captive man who tells Chris he was responsible for killing a mullah’s brother in Afghanistan. He claims he was trying to kill Chris to avenge the death. Boorman keeps Chris from killing him, and after Chris leaves, Boorman pays the man $10,000 for playing along. This pushes Chris to redeploy.
  • I'd Prefer My Old Office

    Victor tells Patty he suspects Michael is in Boston since he had a few friends in the area right after he disappeared. Ellen sets up shop at Hewes & Associates and files the case against High Star despite Chris’s absence.
    Erickson and his family encounter protestors on the way to church. His attorney tells him the lawsuit was filed, and gives him background on Ellen’s career. They suspect Patty could be behind the case, which causes them concern. Chris is still having nightmares about the last mission. Chris decides to seek out a trusted informant, Zafar, who is also a friend.

    Ellen argues the merits of the lawsuit in federal court against Erickson’s attorney. She gets the attorney to admit that High Star can produce Chris Sanchez for testimony and she wins the right to a video conference deposition. Erickson wants to settle the case to make it go away. Patty reminds Ellen it would be unethical for her to meet with Erickson without his attorney. Ellen convinces Patty to go in her place in exchange for watching Catherine while Patty goes with Victor to Boston to look for Michael. Erickson gives Patty a number for the settlement. Patty showing up instead of Ellen convinces Erickson she is involved in the case.

    Chris appears for the deposition via video conference. He recants what he told Ellen about the last mission being illegal. Ellen thinks he’s being coerced and is testifying under duress. Chris claims otherwise, but begins giving Ellen instructions on taking his dog to the vet to check his hips—a secret message maybe. After the video conference, it’s revealed Zafar is being held hostage and Chris’ testimony was in fact coerced.

    Michael shows up outside Patty’s apartment and watches her with Catherine from the privacy of his limo before driving away.
  • Next One's on Me Blondie

    Ellen is visited by Nasim Marwat, the son of Chris Sanchez’ Afghan contact, who gives her Chris’s skull medallion. Patty reaches out to her former mentor, William Herndon, to help get government info on the "Double-Dees" inscription on the medallion. Herndon, now a raging alcoholic, warns Ellen about tangling with High Star.
    Patty postpones her French pharmaceutical case with Jim Girotto for one month. Boorman urges Erickson to turn the screws on Sanchez to see if he has loose lips. Boorman uses his local Afghan contact to trail Ellen’s mysterious visitor (Nasim). Boorman’s C.I.A. Station Chief, Robert Owen, confronts Boorman about his shady connections with Erickson. Erickson prepares for a Christmas Eve sermon while giving Anthony Carter the order to torture Sanchez on his suspected intelligence breach. Herndon confirms to Patty that High Star extracts terror suspects for the C.I.A. Patty considers keeping this new info from Ellen.
  • We'll Just Have to Find Another Way to Cut the Balls Off This Thing

    Ellen and Patty have decided to move Nasim to a safer place. Ellen escorts Nasim to his hotel to collect his belongings. Boorman poses as a cab driver. Just as Ellen and Nasim are about to enter Boorman’s cab, Victor Huntley and a security team pick them up and take them to Hewes & Associates. Patty tells Ellen about Herndon’s discovery on Dust Devil. She also informs Ellen about C.I.A.'s involvement, which means their phones could be bugged. Ellen connects “DD” with “Dust Devil.”
    Catherine falls ill and Patty consults with Dr. Weisler, who orders tests for the toddler. She recommends a private nursing service as well. Patty hires Angel Auroro to watch over Catherine. Patty meets with Dr. Weisler; it could be leukemia, but she still isn’t sure.

    Erickson meets with Jack Shaw about the new witness, Nasim. They suspect Sanchez sent Nasim over from Afghanistan. He confesses to Shaw about DD being a C.I.A. program and warns Shaw not to betray his C.I.A. contact since his contracts are dependent on the relationship.

    Boorman follows Ellen, making notes on her routine. Patty and Ellen prep Nasim for the deposition. Shaw warns Erickson that the Dust Devil papers have been requested in discovery from Ellen. Erickson meets with a DOD official to discuss the discovery requests, and reminds him that it’s in their best interest to conceal the information. Boorman tries to blow up Ellen’s bus, but the bomb is discovered. Patty and Ellen meet with the F.B.I. about the bombing attempt. F.B.I. tests fingerprints found on the bomb, and arrest Nasim—Boorman set him up. Nasim is locked up and denied contact with Patty and Ellen.
  • Add That Little Hopper to Your Stew

    Patty is still worried about Catherine's health. The nurse, Angel Auroro, suggests Patty tell Michael about Catherine’s sickness. Patty shares that she doesn’t know where Michael is.
    Nasim is in a federal detention center. Patty, Ellen, and Herndon meet with the F.B.I. agent and are denied access to him. Patty tells Ellen that Nasim is now useless as a witness, because he was labeled a terrorist. Herndon tells Patty and Ellen the C.I.A. must have helped frame Nasim. They need to assume all calls are being listened to. The next step is to track down the mysterious man (Boorman) Nasim saw earlier at his mosque.

    Erickson and Shaw meet with Department of Defence officer, Trent Prowse, who wants to make sure Erickson can handle the $100 million contract coming his way. Prowse explains the need for the increase in private forces as the military pulls out of operations. Erickson reassures Trent that High Star is capable, and shares information about the property he’s buying from Edgar O’Malley. It will be the sight of the new training facility to handle High Star’s increasing number of recruits.

    Michael comes to see Patty and demands to see Catherine. He leaves giving Patty time to think about it. While Ellen is having dinner with Sean, she has an epiphany about tracking down the mystery man (Boorman). Ellen calls Patty from her old cell phone, knowing that it’s tapped, and asks Patty to meet her in the park. Patty and Ellen meet while Herndon secretly takes photos of the area. Boorman is unknowingly photographed but not yet identified.

    Patty tells Michael she knows of his past, and that he’s not ready to be a father. He needs to prove it to her before he can see Catherine. Ellen finally agrees to speak with the Rolling Stone correspondent who's been trying to contact her for quite some time, and asks for his help in tracking down Chris in Afghanistan. Patty receives a court summons—Michael is suing her for custody of Catherine.
  • I'm Worried About My Dog

    Patty continues her therapy sessions with Dr. Baldwin who confronts her about her legacy. Boorman tells Erickson Nasim was deported. Boorman wants Erickson to make a decision about Sanchez—either keep him locked up or get rid of him.
    Herndon meets with Patty and Ellen. They ask him to investigate the man in the photo (Boorman) who met with Nasim. Herndon advises them to leave it alone. Patty tells Ellen about Herndon’s past attempt to take on the C.I.A.—it ruined his career. Patty must let Ellen run with things while she addresses the pharmaceutical case.

    Michael meets with Patty, who has received his court summons. Patty warns him he doesn’t want to fight her in court. Michael asks Patty to give Catherine a stuffed Panda to make up for missing Christmas and her birthday, but Patty refuses to take the gift to Catherine. Later, Michael approaches Catherine and Angel on the street and gives her the toy himself.

    Ellen goes to the cemetery to meet Herndon’s contact, who has information on Boorman, but he doesn’t show. Herndon arrives home to discover the dead body of his contact on his front steps.

    Patty deposes Coupet. He starts by trying to settle and mentions that it’s important to the French government that the issue be resolved quickly. Patty refuses and begins the deposition. After receiving a call from Ellen, Patty tells Coupet she will accept a settlement, if he accepts her terms.

    Erickson goes to Afghanistan and tries to reason with Sanchez. He reminds Sanchez about the code and loyalty. They argue and Erickson attacks Sanchez.

    Patty and Girotto sign the settlement papers and Girotto gives Patty a flash drive containing intelligence from the French government. Patty and Ellen review the files and determine French received intel from Boorman up until early 2010. They deduce Dust Devil was shut down, but Erickson and Boorman continued with rogue missions.
  • The War Will Go On Forever

    Dean, the reporter that Ellen has been talking to, meets with a contact in Afghanistan and tells him he’s looking Chris Sanchez. His contact agrees to help him. Boorman arrives at the safe house to find his girlfriend. She asks who the boy is and why he’s locked up. Boorman throws her out.
    Patty informs Ellen that Shaw filed a motion to dismiss, and the judge wants a hearing that afternoon. Ellen worried about her argument to keep the case going with two witnesses now gone. Patty agrees to join her at the hearing. At the hearing, Patty persuades the judge to let case go forward. The judge grants Ellen’s request to depose Erickson. Ellen handles the first round of the deposition, and successfully gets Erickson angry.

    Dean tells Ellen locals are aware of a few High Star men were killed in a mission in October. He’s still working on finding out more, but can’t push too hard, too fast. He later finds out that someone wants to kill a High Star employee.

    Boorman tells the boy his mother was a good woman who wanted peace, which is why she was helping him. He asks the boy to tell him what happened to his mother and he refuses. Patty meets with Boorman’s girlfriend. She tells Patty that if she gives her some information that could help her case, it must remain a secret. Patty agrees and the girlfriend gives her an envelope. Patty surprises Erickson when she takes the lead on the second day of the deposition. Patty informs him that the last Dust Devil mission was to seize a boy. Erickson is stunned.

    Boorman meets with his girlfriend in a hotel room, who has come with a gun. Boorman pretends to regret his secret life to put her at ease. He then kills her, stuffs her body in a suitcase and disposes of her. At the end he calls Patty and offers to give up everything on Erickson.
  • There's a Whole Slew of Ladies with Bad Things to Say

    Afghan men hired by one of Erickson’s men transport Sanchez in the trunk of a vehicle without AC’s knowledge. AC angrily calls Erickson and demands to know why he’s not in the loop on moving Sanchez. He challenges Erickson for not including him after his years of loyalty.
    Boorman meets with Patty to explain his history with Erickson. He tells her “Dust Devil” was a way for the U.S. to distance itself from handling terror suspects after Abu Ghraib. In exchange for Erickson’s services, Boorman agreed to keep government contracts coming. Boorman confirms for Patty that the C.I.A. shut down Dust Devil well before the last mission, and claims the C.I.A. can no longer control Erickson. They are happy to let Patty “take him off their hands.” Boorman explains he’s protecting the boy who has no connection to “Dust Devil,” and informs her boy is an asset’s child. Patty and Ellen don’t believe Boorman, and decide they need to speak with the boy. Patty asks Huntley to kidnap the boy; it’s the only way they can get access to him. Boorman realizes the boy doesn’t know what happened to his mother. He meets with his boss and explains C.I.A. needs to cut Erickson loose.

    Huntley gives orders to his contacts to kidnap the boy. Boorman’s bomb tech contact gives him a birth certificate, social security number and adoption papers for the boy. Dean tells Ellen Sanchez has been taken to the dangerous Wagyal region, and he doesn’t know what else he can do. Ellen tells Erickson Boorman has hung him out to dry. She’ll drop the case if he sends Sanchez back home. Erickson is open to the idea but says he needs assurances Patty won’t pursue the case after Ellen drops it. The boy is kidnapped from the safe house by a team of masked men. Huntley’s team informs him someone got to the boy first.
  • Failure is Lonely

    Carter stops Afghan men from killing Chris Sanchez. Ellen tells Erickson to make an offer to her clients and she will make sure the case is dropped as long as he produces evidence Sanchez is alive.
    Patty and Michael along with his attorney meet regarding Catherine. They inform Patty their case is built on proving Patty is an unfit mother.

    Sanchez wakes up, and Carter tells him Ellen made a deal to save his life. Carter has Sanchez hold a proof of life message. As Carter leaves the holding cell, it’s revealed they are no back in the U.S. on the High Star compound. As the boy is playing soccer the ball accidentally goes down the stairs. When he retrieves it, he’s finds Sanchez. They recognize each other from the last mission (the boy’s kidnapping). The boy reveals he saw what happened to the soldiers.

    Patty confesses to Herndon she isn’t dropping the case. She plans to bring a new case against High Star, and calls the judge to file a complaint.

    Carter finds the boy with Sanchez. Carter tells Sanchez Ellen has arrived on the compound and if she delivers, he’s free. Sanchez tells Carter the boy was the target, and his men were shot by Boorman when they refused to take the boy captive. Boorman is discovered hiding in Ellen’s trunk.

    Ellen calls Patty to find out what she’s doing, and Patty refuses to drop the case. Carter finds Ellen and tells her he knows where Sanchez is being held. Boy finds his way back to the holding cell and sees the hooded man in the cell is dead. Carter goes to get a car and sends Ellen to the holding cell to get Chris. Ellen discovers Chris’s medallion in the bloody cell. The boy comforts Ellen, and as they are leaving they find Chris alive. Reveal that Boorman was the one killed. Erickson and his sons pray together before he’s taken away by the FBI. Patty offers Ellen the new High Star case, but she refuses. Michael drops by Patty’s office to provide a list of witness for his case against her. There is only one name on the list: Ellen Parsons.
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  • Your Secrets Are Safe

    Near current time: Patty is in an auto accident, broadsided by a car whose driver has disappeared. Detective Huntley asks her if she thinks the accident could have been intentional. The car is registered to Tom Shayes, and the police go to Tom’s listed address.
    Louis Tobin has confessed to running the largest Ponzi scheme in history and is under house arrest. All legitimate Tobin accounts have been frozen and Tobin assets confiscated, but Patty Hewes and the re-hired Tom Shayes believe the Tobins have hidden much of the stolen money. As court-appointed trustees of the asset recovery process, they vow to find the money. Long-time Tobin family lawyer and friend Len Winstone claims that no other family members had any knowledge of the fraud, but they are all suffering the pain of public scorn and loss of income.

    Ellen has been working for the DA for the past ten months. She is trying to get a drug dealer to turn in his supplier. When the dealer’s prized motorcycle is trashed by thugs who warn him to keep his mouth shut, he decides to cooperate with Ellen. Meanwhile, Patty Hewes sends an expensive Chanel handbag to Ellen’s office. Ellen believes Patty arranged to have the dealer’s motorcycle vandalized, and also gave her the handbag, to prompt her to contact Patty. Ellen tells Patty that such stratagems are not necessary: all Patty’s secrets are safe with Ellen, and the next time Patty wants to talk to her, she should just pick up the phone and call.

    Louis Tobin tells Joe that there is in fact he has hidden enough money for generations "out there".
  • The Dog is Happier Without Her

    In near current time: Detective Huntley interviews the homeless man regarding Tom Shayes. Ellen’s driver’s license has been found in the bloody Chanel bag. The homeless man says that Ellen and ‘Tommy’ had a thing going and that the detectives should be interviewing her.
    Joe tells Winstone that Louis claims there is money "out there" for the family. Joe wants to tell the truth and get the money back for the defrauded investors, but when his wife Rachel calls to tell Joe that their apartment has been seized as part of asset confiscation, Joe doubts his decision.

    Tom Shayes locates the person who answered the number Patty called. It’s a homeless man who has also picked up a pair of custom boots belonging to Louis Tobin. Tracking the boots down, Tom discovers Tobin purchased a coat embroidered with the initials “DMM” from the same shop. Having reached a dead end in his attempt to identify "DMM", Tom contacts Ellen and asks her to use the resources of the DA’s office to help make the ID. When Tom tells her he has personally lost everything in the Tobin fraud, Ellen agrees to help.

    "DMM" is identified as Danielle Marie Marchetti. Patty tells Joe that’s who his father called Thanksgiving night and informs him that Tobin also purchased expensive clothes for her. Distraught, Joe starts drinking again and goes to see Danielle. It is obvious they’ve had a prior relationship. They argue, and Joe accidentally hits her with his car as he is leaving.
  • Flight's at 11:08

    Instead of calling 911, Joe calls Len Winstone for help after hitting Danielle with his car. Tom Shayes has found the address Danielle’s last paycheck was sent to and goes there to investigate. There is apparently no one home, although Tom records the license plate number of a car in the driveway. Winstone and Tobin family doctor, Karl Brandt, meet Joe at Danielle’s house. When told that Danielle must fly that night, Dr. Brandt says she is seriously injured, and that they have to take her to the hospital immediately if they see any deterioration in her condition. Despite Dr. Brandt’s instructions to get Danielle to a hospital if she takes a turn for the worse, Joe tells Danielle and Winstone that she is fine to travel.
    Tom finds out that Danielle applied for an expedited passport and will be able to leave the country that night. Patty takes the lead to ADA Curtis Gates, but with nothing more than Patty’s hunch that Danielle may know something about the missing money, he refuses to get a warrant to keep her from leaving the country.

    The police pull Joe over as he drives Danielle to the airport. Seeing Danielle ill in the backseat, the officers call 911 and EMS takes her to the hospital.

    Phil is moving on with his life and is now living with his mistress. Ellen’s sister Carrie is visiting from California with her baby. Instead of staying at the office for the meeting between Patty and Gates, Ellen has dinner with her family. She finds a pipe and some drugs in Carrie’s bag.
  • Don’t Throw That at the Chicken

    Danielle Marchetti is still unconscious and Patty tries to get ADA Gates to delay Tobin's sentencing until they can interview her.
    Len is unable to convince Joe to see his father one last time before he is sentenced. Since Joe refuses to see him, Tobin says he must ‘explore other options’. Winstone tells Tobin he can have one extra day before sentencing, conditional upon an interview with the ADA and Patty Hewes. Tobin accepts the terms and based on Ellen’s advice, ADA Gates allows Patty to take the lead in the interview. Tobin tells Patty that Danielle Marchetti is simply a pathetic old man’s indiscretion.

    On his last night of freedom, Louis Tobin calls Patty and then kills himself with a drug cocktail provided by Dr. Brandt. Tobin leaves an envelope addressed “DELIVER TO PATTY HEWES." When Joe changes his mind and decides to visit Louis Tobin, he finds his father dead, reads the contents of the envelope, and keeps it for himself.

    Patty invites Michael to dinner to tell him her divorce from Phil has been finalized. He says he has a job and that he has broken up with Jill. But later at Jill’s apartment, Michael is painting, and tells Jill maybe he needs to get a job now that she is pregnant. Carrie thanks Ellen for giving her money, but Ellen says she has cancelled the check because she found drugs in Carrie’s bag. Carrie denies doing drugs and says it must have been her husband’s stash.
  • It’s Not My Birthday

    Joe shows Marilyn and Carol a prescription bottle containing the drug Louis Tobin used to kill himself. Lenny tells Joe he knew that Louis killed himself; however, he did not know about the envelope Louis left for Patty Hewes. It explains where the money is hidden and how to get it. The name Stuart Zedeck is mentioned in the letter. Deciding not to give the envelope to Patty Hewes, but to access the money themselves, Len and Joe arrange a meeting with Zedeck, and ask to begin making transactions. The man they meet says he Mr. Zedeck’s associate, and explains that Mr. Zedeck is no longer comfortable with the Tobin arrangement. No transactions will be possible, because Zedeck is concerned about the Danielle Marchetti problem.
    Marilyn and Patty meet at the cemetery. Marilyn asks what it will take to get Patty to leave her and her family alone. She explains that Danielle and Louis had a child together and assures Patty that Tobin’s phone call to Danielle on Thanksgiving night had nothing to do with any hidden money. This ties in with information previously uncovered by Hewes & Shayes that Tobin had revised his will to add a blind trust.

    Danielle tells Joe she is going to be deposed and he gives her a script for her testimony. Gates bars Patty from having access to Danielle, so Patty calls Danielle to tell her that she knows Danielle has an arrangement with the Tobins. She convinces Danielle to "plead the 5th" in the DA deposition rather than to testify using Joe’s script. Afterwards, Patty asks Tom to check on Danielle, and when he arrives, he finds Danielle dead. Marilyn Tobin introduces herself to Danielle’s daughter Tessa Marchetti.

    Patty asks Alex Benjamin, a candidate for new associate at Hewes and Shayes, to meet with Ellen to discuss what working for Patty is like. Josh Reston is now in New York as a crime reporter and he tells Ellen he’d like her to be his anonymous source inside the DA’s office.
  • Don’t Forget to Thank Mr. Zedeck

    Stuart Zedeck agrees to meet Joe Tobin. Joe tells Zedeck that if they are going to work together to get the hidden money repatriated, he needs proof that Zedeck is actually able to produce clean funds. If Zedeck does not give him a payment as evidence, Joe says he will turn the information contained in Louis Tobin’s letter over to the authorities, which will incriminate Zedeck and cost him his cut for moving the money. Zedeck leaves a bag full of money in the bottom drawer of the dresser in Joe’s hotel room as proof of his ability to get money back to the Tobins.
    Judge Reilly tells Patty he may have to replace her as lead trustee on the Tobin matter if she does not quickly recover more funds. Patty visits Sterling Biddle, a white collar criminal she helped to convict, for tips on where Tobin’s money might be hidden. Biddle tells her to look in the Caribbean, specifically Antigua. But the type of transactions Hewes and Shayes are investigating must be handled in person, and Tom is unable to find any record of immediate family members or known associates of Tobin visiting Antigua regularly. After shadowing her, Tom suspects the courier may be Danielle Marchetti’s daughter because she works as a flight attendant for a private airline.

    ADA Gates asks Ellen to look into the possibility that Tobin’s death was a homicide. That avenue of investigation proves to be a dead end, but Ellen notices a similar cause of death for both Tobin and Danielle and questions Dr. Brandt. Though Brandt admits to assisting in Tobin’s suicide by providing him with the potassium which caused his heart to fail, Dr. Brandt denies any involvement in Danielle’s death.
  • You Haven’t Replaced Me

    Patty invites Ellen to a dinner party, but when Ellen arrives at the appointed time, there is no one at Patty’s apartment except Alex. Patty claims the dinner party is set for the following night, but Ellen realizes that Patty is playing mind games with her and Alex.
    Working on the Tessa Marchetti lead, Tom follows Tessa down to Antigua and into the Royal Antiguan Bank. An Antiguan bureaucrat calls Zedeck to tell him that Tom Shayes is in Antigua. When Joe goes to see Zedeck to thank him for the money he left in his hotel room, Zedeck tells him that Patty Hewes knows about the Antigua connection, probably because someone has told her about the courier Tessa Marchetti—Louis’s daughter with Danielle.

    Tom asks Tessa about her financial transactions with the Royal Antiguan Bank. Tessa explains she simply deposits her paychecks, but must first sign three documents because she receives her pay in US Dollars. Tom tells Patty he believes Tessa is unaware of what she is signing or that she may be being used to move Tobin money, so they decide to investigate from the bank angle.

    Len Winstone goes to visit Barbara Wiggins at a nursing home and is told she has been dead for five months. He then visits his father, who says he has been cashing the nursing home checks. Winstone’s dad says that Len must keep the money coming or he will go public with the information that Len Winstone is using an assumed name, is not even an attorney, and has been lying to the Tobin family for thirty years.
  • I Look Like Frankenstein

    Emmanuel tells Zedeck that all Patty knows about the money moving scheme is that there is an account at the Royal Antiguan Bank. Zedeck says Joe and Len can trust Emmanuel to keep it that way, because Zedeck has cut him in on the deal. Len and Joe warn Zedeck to be careful because Joe has been approached by Ellen, who suspects Danielle was murdered using the same drug that killed Tobin. Zedeck claims innocence, as do Len and Joe.
    Carol has disappeared and Marilyn asks Winstone to find her, so he hires the same PI who is already watching Joe. When Carol is located, Winstone goes to see her, and finds Joe already there—Joe knew where Carol was the whole time she was missing. Joe tells Winstone he has Carol in hiding because she killed Danielle, using the bottle of potassium that Louis Tobin drank from to end his own life.

    Patty and Tom are also on Carol’s trail, and when they discover Carol has been using her credit cards in Brooklyn, Tom and Ellen go to Brooklyn and ask Barry the homeless man to watch for her.

    Tessa gives Tom and Patty her bank statements, but they are for basic checking and savings accounts, and show small balances. They ask Tessa where she spent the previous Thanksgiving, and Tessa says she was with a friend because she and her mom had a fight.

    Ellen sees Michael and the pregnant Jill Burnham in a baby store. Ellen congratulates Patty, then realizes Patty did not know Jill was pregnant.
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  • I Lied, Too

    Ellen is working for Patty again as a Fed informant to help bring Patty down. Tom Shayes convinces Patty to take on a class action infant mortality case brought in by Ellen.
    In flashback, Daniel Purcell storms into a meeting declaring a report stating that a chemical compound is not toxic is not his work, and refusing to sign off on it. Because they’ve worked together in the past, Purcell sends Patty a box of his research documents and asks for her help. Meanwhile, someone breaks into his house and rifles his office, looking for the documents. Purcell tells Patty he is being threatened by a client due to his refusal to disavow his unfavorable findings, but refuses to reveal the clients’ name. Purcell is told by Wayne Sutry, his client’s second-in-command, that it is time to be reasonable or there will be consequences. Backing down, Purcell asks Patty for the return of his box of documents.

    Ellen meets fellow-sufferer Wes Krulik in group grief counseling. Ellen’s revenge fantasies lead her to visit Arthur Frobisher in the hospital.
  • Burn It, Shred It, I Don't Care

    Mini flashback: Purcell’s wife has been killed, and he calls Patty for help. He tells police about the first break-in at his home, and that this time he dropped his wife off at home and went to park the car, and when he returned to the house she was dead. Patty is unsure whether an intruder, Daniel himself, or his client actually killed Christine Purcell, but she suspects there is something larger behind Purcell’s actions. She hands the infant mortality case off to Tom so that she can uncover the truth about Purcell’s client.
    Purcell’s files are toxicity studies for a chemical called Arasite. He says his results were doctored but the company kept his name on the report, and then threatened him to ensure his silence. After failing to convince Purcell to act on the true results of his research, Patty goes to an EPA official to ask for help deciphering the documents. He tips off the company, which commissioned the study. Claire Maddox, the chief counsel of Ultima National Resources (UNR), executes a judges’ order to take the documents back from Patty Hewes. Patty now knows the identity of Purcell’s client, and has UNR in her sites.
  • I Knew Your Pig

    In flashback, Claire Maddox asks Purcell if he killed his wife because she found out about their affair. Purcell denies it, and tells Claire he is the one who leaked the Arasite toxicity research to Patty Hewes.
    A federal agent is acting as the key plaintiff in the infant mortality case. She asks Tom Shayes for money to get by until the case settles. Patty’s enforcer Malcolm tells her what Tom is planning to do, and she pulls Tom off the case just before the money changes hands. Fearing that Ellen’s cover is blown, the feds decide to back off their efforts to build a case against Patty.

    Because nothing was stolen, the police doubt Purcell’s story of two home invasions in one week. Their suspicions are also raised by a three-year-old restraining order issued against him by his wife.

    Since Hewes and Associates do not take on criminal defense cases, Ellen and Tom are suspicious of Patty’s motives for representing Purcell. Ellen finds out that Purcell provided expert testimony for Patty in a 17-year-old case, and that he collapsed when cross-examined by Patty in the ten-year-old IBC Global case. The feds investigating Patty wonder if she paid Purcell for his testimony in the IBC Global case. Flash back ten years, Patty shows Purcell pictures of Michael and tells him Michael is his son.
  • Hey! Mr. Pibb!

    Purcell is now cooperating with Patty on the UNR investigation – she believes being framed for his wife’s murder has changed his mind. In order to exonerate Purcell of Christine’s murder, Patty initiates a search for Christine’s missing ruby ring. Malcolm discovers that the ring was pawned and the pawn shop security picture of Kevin matches Purcell’s description of the intruder. Kevin is arrested and sent to Attica for armed robbery. Purcell identifies Kevin in a line-up and is released from prison.
    Purcell suspects that Arasite is being used by UNR in West Virginia and he’s been in contact with Josh Reston, the reporter trying to connect UNR’s coal-processing to skyrocketing livestock mortality rates. Patty sends Ellen and Tom to West Virginia to interview Josh. UNR’s security cameras catch Josh taking a sample of runoff water, and UNR CEO Walter Kendrick instructs Sutry to get the sample back. After being attacked by local goons, Josh shows up at Ellen and Tom’s motel to give them the water sample. Patty gives it to Purcell to test. Before she can file a class action suit against UNR, Patty needs Purcell to testify that Arasite is toxic and that UNR knowingly ignored his report. Patty tells Michael that Purcell is his father and Daniel and Michael meet at Purcell’s lake house.

    In the hearing to expedite discovery, Purcell denies that UNR doctored his report and says the results are clean – he made a mistake when he told Patty otherwise.
  • I Agree, It Wasn't Funny

    Since Daniel flipped during testimony, Patty, Tom and Ellen try to devise a new strategy of attack for UNR. When they learn that UNR is planning a huge merger and will be impossible to bring down if it goes through, they decide to work against the merger.
    Businessman Dave Pell tells Walter Kendrick he’s heard there is trouble with the merger, and asks how he can help. Pell threatens Schiff and also meets with Phil Gray, dropping hints that Patty has angered powerful politicians with her opposition to the UNR merger, and that she may be under investigation. Uncle Pete confirms Patty’s suspicions that the infant mortality case was a set-up when he discovers the lead plaintiff was an imposter. He reminds Patty that Ellen brought the infant mortality case to the firm, and Patty suspects Ellen may be working as a Fed plant. In a move unauthorized by Agents Harrison and Werner, Ellen pre-empts Patty’s suspicions by telling her that she was questioned by the FBI and now thinks Patty may be right about the infant mortality case being a trap. Ellen is being followed, and Wes gets into the car with the person following her. Wes reports the results of his surveillance to Detective Rick Messer.

    Uncle Pete meets Patrick, the man Ellen ‘killed’ in Patty’s apartment. He is alive and well and working for Pete and Patty. With Patty under investigation, Uncle Pete tells Patrick to get lost for a while.
  • A Pretty Girl in a Leotard

    In an interview with Greta Van Susteren, Patty accuses Kendrick of commissioning the murder of the wife of the researcher who discovered UNR’s use of a toxin at its West Virginia power plant. Her remarks cause UNR’s stock price to tumble, imperiling the proposed merger. Claire advises Kendrick to sue Patty for defamation of character rather than letting UNR stock value continue to bleed.
    Katie Connor is mugged. At the precinct, she recognizes a policeman as the man she had a confrontation with when he was following her on the street. She snaps his photo on her phone and gives it to Ellen, who says she will look into it using Patty’s resources. The policeman meets Messer, and tells him Katie Connor recognized him.

    Patty tells Ellen that Kendrick is overpaying in the merger, and that he must have some plan to make the money back. Dave Pell buys a new Escalade with cash, meets with Kendrick and gives him the keys. Kendrick hands a coded piece of paper to The Deacon and tells him to use the keys Kendrick gave him. Deacon enters the Escalade Pell purchased.

    Ellen goes to visit her old apartment one last time, and the president of the co-op board gives her a wedding present from David, which she is unable to open.
  • New York Sucks

    Frobisher tells Patty he is acting as her lead plaintiff to restore his reputation. When Ellen objects, Patty tells her that Frobisher is the only one who can help them nail UNR. They can also use the access to private information his participation in the UNR case allows to find evidence that Frobisher was responsible for David’s murder. Frobisher meets with his spiritual adviser and Messer follow him there to tell him that Katie Connor is back in the picture. Katie shows Ellen a newspaper article saying Officer Tolken, the cop she recognized at the precinct, has been shot. In the course of her fact-finding on Frobisher, Patty finds out that he employed the firm Calder Protective Services, the same company Officer Tolken moonlighted for.
    Working late, Ellen sees Pete rifling her office. She tells Agents Harrison and Werner to check him out and they begin surveillance. Pete’s associates are nabbed in an FBI sting operation and they give Pete up. The feds bring Pete in and threaten to prosecute him if he won’t help them nail Patty. He gives in and they go to his house to pick up the key to a storage locker he says contains incriminating evidence against Patty. There is no evidence at the storage locker and the agents realize Pete has taken an overdose of medicine to kill himself rather than inform on Patty.

    The police arrest a couple using drugs in a car. Pell tells Kendrick “The trader got arrested”. He’s had the traders’ name expunged from the arrest record but says they “need to take care of the girl.” Shadowing Claire Maddox, Tom Shayes sees her acting as the escort’s counsel. Patty tells him to figure out why the chief counsel of UNR would be defending a hooker on a drug charge. Tom finds out the john’s identity from another escort, and discovers that Finn Garrity is a top energy trader.
  • They Had to Tweeze That Out of My Kidney

    Pete is hospitalized after surviving his suicide attempt. Patty tells Ellen how Pete took care of her after her abusive father left. When Pete wakes up, Agent Werner tells him that he will die in a prison hospital if he doesn’t flip on Patty. Pete’s wife Stefania tells Patty that she suspects the men who came with Pete to the house are law enforcement. Patrick visits Pete in the hospital and kills him by injecting something into his IV drip.
    Pell gives Phil Grey a tip that UNR stock will be going up quickly and tells him to invest in it. Phil buys the stock despite the conflict of interest it creates given Patty’s UNR suit. Messer warns Frobisher to drop his involvement in the UNR class action suit to end Patty’s access to information, which may incriminate them all. When Frobisher refuses, Messer threatens him through his spiritual adviser and Frobisher drops out of the suit. Because dozens of other plaintiffs have joined the suit, it continues despite Frobisher’s defection.

    Patty suspects that Walter Kendrick is using Finn Garrity to manipulate energy markets. Tom Shayes asks the escort Lonnie Samble for information on Garrity and when she tells Garrity she was approached by a lawyer, he tells her she’s dead if she talks. Fearing for her safety, she contacts Tom and agrees to find out if Finn is in contact with Kendrick.

    Stefania finds files Pete has hidden in a closet. She brings the file titled “Ellen Parsons” to Ellen.
  • You Got Your Prom Date Pregnant

    Patty tells Tom that she and the firm are under investigation by the FBI. His sister is an attorney for the Department of Justice and Tom asks her to find out why they are being investigated. She discovers there is no file on the investigation. When Ellen asks Agents Harrison and Werner why there is no record of the investigation they say it needs to be kept under wraps because Patty has contacts in the DOJ. But they are actually unaware that there is no record of the investigation.
    Pell meets with Finn Garrity, who claims he no longer does drugs and has dropped the hooker. Patty gains Lonnie Samble’s cooperation in the UNR investigation. Lonnie tells Patty about the Escalade and Tom Shayes follows Finn Garrity to the SUV. Kendrick and Sutry meet and decide that Idaho is the next plant, which will be brought off-line in their scheme to take advantage of unexpected changes in energy prices.

    Per Messer’s order, Wes asks Katie out and pumps her for information on what Ellen and Patty know about the connection between Frobisher and David Connor’s murder. Katie cuts the date, short saying it’s obvious that Wes is interested in Ellen and not her. Ellen shows up at Wes’s apartment and they become intimately involved. Wes meets with Messer and tells him that Patty knows about Calder Protective Services and that they think David’s killer is a cop. Messer tells Wes to kill Ellen.
  • Uh Oh. Out Come the Skeletons

    Ellen gets drunk and tells Katie that she is not really working for Patty. Ellen also confides in Wes, telling him that she is working as an FBI informant because Patty Hewes tried to kill her and she wants to bring Patty down. Wes tells Messer that Frobisher is in no danger from Ellen Parsons but Messer insists Wes kill Ellen because she knows too much.
    Ellen tells Agents Werner and Harrison that Patty thinks the UNR merger is about an energy-trading scheme, and that she is becoming desperate to prove it, which may lead her to use unethical or illegal methods to advance her case.

    Pell tells Kendrick they are vetting Phil Grey for Energy Secretary and advises Kendrick to settle the suit with Patty to end her interest in UNR’s dealings. During a celebration of Claire’s 20 years with UNR, Kendrick tells her to settle the case, even though the stock price has recovered, which arouses Claire’s suspicions.

    Michael tells Patty and Phil that he has been working on his college essays. He is also ready to introduce them to his girlfriend. Jill Burnham is a gallery owner at least 20 years older than Michael.

    Harrison picks up a call identified as ‘Pam calling’ on Werner’s phone. Instead it is a man’s voice, and Harrison asks Werner what’s going on. Werner confesses that he has been leaking information for money to someone who has an interest in their case against Patty Hewes.
  • London. Of Course

    Patty and Phil are being interviewed for New York Style Magazine as the perfect New York power couple just as Patty receives photos of Phil kissing his mistress. The photos are leaked to the press, ending Phil’s bid for Energy Secretary. Patty tells Ellen that she knows Ellen sent the photos to her. When Ellen asks Patty why she leaked them to the press, Patty refuses to give her reasons.
    Claire apologizes to Kendrick for questioning his business decisions, but she is enraged that Kendrick has been using her for twenty years to cover up his criminal activities. She decides to make a bid for leadership of UNR herself so that she can clean up the company, including the Arasite mess in West Virginia. Mitch McCullum is Kendrick’s next-in-line, so Claire tries to neutralize him by advising him to take a run at Kendrick’s spot. She then tells Kendrick that Mitch is making that move, hoping they will take each other down, leaving the top job open for her. Instead, Kendrick and McCallum oust her. Kendrick fires her and tells her to go home, where she will find a present. It is a videotape of one of Claire and Daniel’s trysts. Angry, humiliated and betrayed, Claire meets with Patty and tells her she wants to help bring Kendrick down.

    Malcolm has been watching the SUV but there has been no activity. He brings the car in and it is stripped down for clues. Discovering the history of latitude numbers entered in the NAV system, Patty suspects it is some kind of code used in Kendrick’s energy market manipulation scheme. Meanwhile, Kendrick has shut the scheme down and when he sends Deacon to get the SUV, he discovers it is gone
  • Look What He Dug Up This Time

    Because of how they were obtained, Patty knows the admissibility of the GPS codes will be challenged by UNR. She sends Ellen to lay the groundwork for Judge Oliver’s acceptance of the codes. Judge Oliver warns Ellen that her approach is unethical but to tell Patty that he is flexible. Kendrick goes to Purcell’s house to warn him to continue to cooperate, threatening Purcell’s daughter Erica. To protect her, Purcell goes to Patty and tells her he wants to help bring down UNR. Purcell says the market manipulation scheme turns on Kendrick causing deliberate brownouts at his plants, then unwinding futures positions for large profits. He offers to work on cracking the GPS codes, and when he figures out how to read the code, gives Patty the information.
    Ellen tells the Feds that Patty has shut her out and predicts Patty will go to Tom for help bribing Judge Oliver. Ellen tells the Feds they have enough on tape to charge Tom with paying off the plaintiff in the infant mortality case, even though he didn’t go through with it – it will be their word against his. They can use that leverage to convince Tom to wear a wire in his meeting with Judge Oliver.

    Patty accuses Phil of buying stock in UNR and asks if the person who gave him the tip was the same person who said she was under government investigation. He tells her it was Pell, who also put him up for Energy Secretary, and Patty tells him it was all part of a strategy to get her to drop the UNR case. Patty tells Phil he’ll be hearing from her divorce attorney.
"Damages : Get the Facts : Season 2 : Content : Cont"
  • Trust Me

    Patty Hewes and UNR’s new counsel meet with Judge Oliver to discuss admissibility of the GPS codes. Patty visits Daniel Purcell in prison to tell him he can still help bring down UNR by testifying about its’ business practices. He no longer wants anything to do with the tricks, lies, and deceit, and refuses. Next Patty goes to Finn Garrity, who also refuses to testify against UNR, so Patty tells Ellen to file the SUV evidence.
    Patty meets with Pell and tells him she knows about his connection to the energy market manipulation scheme and he tells her he knows she is about to bribe a judge. Pell offers to call off the Feds if Patty will drop the energy trading investigation. Pell agrees to give Patty proof that UNR knew Arasite was toxic, and Patty tells him “Ellen is working on her own” regarding the planned bribery of Judge Oliver.

    The timelines converge. Finn Garrity joins Patty in the elevator on her way up to meet with Ellen. He tells Patty he wants to testify but she tells him no, he had his chance, so he knifes her. Patty meets with Ellen without telling her she has been wounded. Ellen writes Patty a message that ‘The Feds are listening’ and then shoots out the surveillance camera. She tells Patty she understands her motivations and methods and doesn’t want her to go to jail – seeming to accept that the ends justify the means – but that she still needs to know the truth about Patty’s attempt on her life. Patty confesses.

    Agent Werner arrests Ellen after she hands Judge Oliver the bribery envelope. Agent Werner is then placed under arrest because Tom and Cynthia Shayes have alerted the US Attorney’s office about the rogue conspiracy to bring down Patty Hewes. Pell and Kendrick are arrested.
"Damages : Get the Facts : Season 1 : Content"
  • Get Me a Lawyer

    The series begins with a flash forward: A bloodied, terrified young woman runs out of her apartment and lands in a police precinct interrogation room. It is later revealed that the woman is Ellen Parsons, a young Manhattan lawyer, who joins Patty Hewes's high-profile law firm to work on a class action suit brought by former employees of Arthur Frobisher, a self-made billionaire accused of corporate fraud. Newly engaged Ellen is thrilled to work for Patty and her trusted senior associate Tom Shayes. As Patty battles with Frobisher and his attorney Ray Fiske, Ellen will be front and center witnessing just what it takes to win at all costs.
    Ellen's best friend Katie Connor is the sister of her fiance, David. Katie is a struggling young chef, opening her own restaurant with backing from a wealthy investor who turns out to be Arthur Frobisher. Furthermore, she catered a business conference for him in Florida in 2002, during the critical time period when Frobisher sold his stock. An intimidation tactic prompts Katie to tell David and Ellen that Frobisher is her investor. She also agrees to work with Patty. Ellen now suspects that Patty has hired her only to get to Katie, a potential witness in the Frobisher trial.
  • Jesus, Mary and Joe Cocker

    When Ellen and David gather with family to celebrate their recent engagement, Katie, David's sister, reveals her paranoia surrounding her involvement in the Frobisher case. Ellen reassures Katie that they can trust Patty to help them. However, when she brings Katie to the office, things do not go the way
    she anticipated.
    Meanwhile, Ray Fiske has informed Frobisher that the agreement is still unsigned and that Katie has not shown up at the restaurant for the past week. Frobisher’s enforcer, Rick Messer, suggests a ‘permanent’ solution to the Katie problem, an option Frobisher rejects. Katie snaps after being followed by another stranger on the street and she storms into Ray Fiske’s office to deliver the signed confidentiality agreement. She returns to the restaurant, and Frobisher shows up making more veiled threats, leading Katie to cast her lot with Patty. Katie claims that the only information she has been holding back is that while in Palm Beach in 2002, she had a one-night stand, which resulted in an aborted pregnancy.

    Tom Shayes continues his ex-officio work for Patty. Assigned to handle the investigation of Katie, he shadows her and sees her meet a man on a park bench.
  • And My Paralyzing Fear of Death

    Current time: Ellen asks Nye to get her out of jail, swearing that she did not kill David, and that someone tried to kill her. The detectives learn that Ellen and David had a fight and broke off their engagement prior to the murder. Flash back five months. Patty and Fiske spar in a meeting called by Judge Toomey to gauge the progress of the Frobisher case. Toomey demands that Patty produce a brief, which substantiates her case against Frobisher by week's end. After congratulating Ellen on a job well done, Patty asks her to hand-deliver the completed brief to Judge Toomey, manufacturing another personal life conflict, which results in Ellen missing her own engagement party.
    Katie rekindles her relationship with the married Gregory Malina. She tells him that she is a potential witness in the Frobisher case and suggests that he also meet with Patty, but Gregory insists he knows nothing, which could help the case. Unable to turn up any link between Gregory and Frobisher, Tom confirms Gregory’s identity and story to Patty.

    Patty receives an interoffice package containing a grenade and her husband Phil Grey hires a bodyguard for her. Her 17 year old son Michael is in trouble again at school, resulting in a family counseling session during which he demonstrates the manipulative skills he has learned from his mother. Frobisher is interviewed by police but denies any involvement in the threat to Patty’s life. When Phil finds a grenade in the glove compartment of his car, his frightened reaction causes a car accident. Patty discovers that her angry and resentful son Michael is responsible for the grenade threats, and has him taken away by force to a reform academy.
  • Tastes Like a Ho-Ho

    Flash back to Katie partying in Palm Beach in June 2002. She leaves a bar with Gregory and sees Frobisher enter a limo in the parking lot with another man. Meanwhile, Katie continues to encourage Gregory to meet with Patty but he refuses to become involved.
    Fiske's partners are pressuring him to resolve the Frobisher case, and Gregory suddenly tells Katie that he has recognized Luke Richards, one of Frobisher's brokers, as the man in the limo with Frobisher. In order to help the case, Katie portrays Gregory's sighting of Luke Richards as her own, and she is added to Patty’s witness list. In her deposition with Frobisher's team, Katie's testimony is discredited when Ray Fiske shows a photo of Richards withdrawing money from an ATM in Atlantic City during the same timeframe.

    Tom Shayes gives Patty Gregory Malina's illegally obtained brokerage account statements. They show that he owned Frobisher stock and sold it at the same time Frobisher did, confirming Patty's suspicion that there is some kind of a link between Gregory and Frobisher. Patty shreds her own photo of Luke Richards at the ATM, and Tom asks why Patty allowed Katie to be deposed and discredited when she already knew that Katie was lying about seeing Luke Richards with Frobisher in Palm Beach. Patty explains that she wants Ray Fiske to think that they have no case, so that he will pull the settlement offer and her plaintiffs will no longer have the option of settling the case.
  • A Regular Earl Anthony

    Tom Shayes is considering leaving Hewes & Associates for a rival firm. Meanwhile, the plaintiff group decides to fire Patty Hewes and to offer the job to Tom. In the end, he decides that bringing the clients back to Patty is in their best interests, and Patty accedes to all Tom’s conditions for his return to the firm except his demand to become a named partner.
    Ray Fiske advises Frobisher to settle, but with the Katie Connor threat removed, Frobisher is feeling confident and wants to clear his name by going to trial. Frobisher meets with Larry to explain that there is not going to be a settlement right now. He promises Larry more money and tells him he will have to do a few more things for him. When the plaintiff group decides to fire Patty and be represented by Tom, Ray tells Frobisher that Tom may settle the case for just 75 million dollars. Instead, Tom tells Fiske he wants to go to trial.

    Feeling remorseful about ruining Katie’s life, Gregory tries to call her. Walking home with a woman he has picked up in a bar, he is accosted by two men he assumes are muggers. They beat him, then his boss steps out of the shadows and tells him he needs to be able to count on Gregory’s continued silence and cooperation.

    David visits Katie at their parents’ house, and she tells him the details of her relationship with Gregory and how he set her up to be discredited as a witness. David passes the information along to Ellen, who realizes that Gregory must be working on Frobisher’s behalf. She brings the information to Patty, not knowing that Patty has been investigating Gregory and already believes that he has a connection to Frobisher.
  • She Spat at Me

    When Gregory tells his boss that he may be subpoenaed, he refuses to help him. Abandoned by his boss, Gregory sets up a meeting with Ellen to tell her what he knows, but has second thoughts, and will only say that it is not about Frobisher’s broker. Frobisher meets with Gregory’s boss, who tells him Gregory is now talking to Patty’s people. Frobisher tells him to take care of the Gregory problem.
    An unidentified watcher carrying a gun follows Gregory and sees him run into the woman he met at the bar a few nights ago. The watcher shoots her and Gregory runs. After the shooting, which he interprets as an attempt on his life, Gregory shows up on Ray Fiske’s doorstep looking for help.

    After a complete stranger spits on him at his son’s basketball game, Frobisher decides he wants to publish a memoir to rehabilitate his reputation.

    Lila DiMeo, a patients’ granddaughter who has made previous inappropriate advances to David, tells him that her grandfather has passed away. She asks for David’s help to price the no-longer-needed medical equipment. David goes to her apartment, where Lila steals his keys from his pocket.
  • We Are Not Animals

    Ellen instructs Nye to find Patty Hewes, the only person who knew Ellen was staying in Patty’s apartment after her fight with David. In a flash back to three months ago, Gregory is subpoenaed. Ray tells Gregory’s boss that he will get the subpoena quashed so there is no need to silence Gregory by harming him. Gregory swears he has never told anyone about his Frobisher stock sale, so Ray is blindsided when Patty presents Gregory’s brokerage statements in court as evidence of the stock sale. This results in the judge’s denial of Ray’s motion to suppress the subpoena. Since Ray can no longer protect Gregory, he advises Gregory to disappear.
    Patty’s enforcer Malcolm takes Gregory to meet Patty, who tells him that Malcolm has been protecting him from Frobisher’s people and will escort him to the deposition, but Gregory flees before he can be deposed. Messer follows him.

    Now that Tom Shayes is back in the fold, Patty works to sow seeds of distrust between him and Ellen. Tom tells Patty that he offered Ellen a job when he thought he might open his own firm.

    Patty visits Michael at the reform academy and presents him with emancipation papers, telling him she will not pay for him to stay any longer at the academy. Michael returns home.
  • Blame the Victim

    Peter, one of the plaintiffs, tells Patty he suspects that Larry is leaking information to the Frobisher team. Patty sets a trap for Larry, suggesting an acceptable settlement figure of 175 million dollars. Larry is in dire financial straits and meets with Frobisher to ask for money. Forbisher says he can’t help him out until the trial is over, but if Larry can get the plaintiffs to settle, things will happen much more quickly.
    At the next plaintiff meeting, the group learns that Gregory Malina may have been killed by the opposition. Larry confronts Frobisher with this information and they scuffle on the street.

    Ray wants Frobisher to prep for his deposition, since without Gregory’s testimony, Patty’s best chance to win the trial is to trip Frobisher up on his facts. Frobisher tells Ray that a 175 million dollar settlement would make the case go away. Ray suspects that Frobisher has an informant on the inside and tells him to shut it down. Ray mentions the 175 million dollar figure to Patty at the dog park, which confirms her suspicions that Larry has been leaking information to Frobisher’s team. She confronts Larry and he begins to work for her. He meets Frobisher at his new land tract and Frobisher assures him he is looking into Gregory Malina’s disappearance.
  • Do You Regret What We Did?

    In mini-flashback, Ellen is at Patty’s apartment and asks her if Patty regrets what they’ve done or wonders if they’ve gone too far. Lila accosts David on the street and he rebuffs her again. She then goes to Ellen’s office and tells her that she and David are having an affair. Ellen investigates Lila and discovers she has a history of unstable behavior and has had three restraining orders placed on her.
    Ellen and Tom show Moore Gregory’s brokerage statement. Moore tells Ray that Ray’s gift of Frobisher stock to Gregory has jeopardized them all. Off the record, Moore leaks information to Ellen which leads to her discovery that Frobisher may have paid off the family of a girl who was killed in a car crash with him in order to persuade them not to prosecute him. If true, the information could be used against Frobisher in the trial to show a pattern of paying off witnesses. Moore also tells Ellen he has more information against Frobisher which was not allowable in the government trial, but which will help her case in the civil trial.

    Gregory shows up at Katie parents' house and apologizes to her, telling her about his Frobisher stock and Moore’s fear that Katie saw something incriminating on the night she spent with Gregory. To ensure his story will get out, Gregory makes a video tape recounting his dealings with Frobisher. When Gregory takes Katie’s dog out the next morning, he is killed by a hit-and-run driver. Moore tells Ray "it’s done."
  • Sort of Like a Family

    With the loss of Gregory Malina as a witness, Patty’s new strategy will be to use Moore’s Arlington tip to demonstrate Frobisher’s history of witness tampering and obstruction of justice. When Patty and Ray meet to negotiate the terms of Frobisher’s deposition, Patty tells Ray that Gregory is dead, and he feigns surprise.
    Ray tells Frobisher that he does not know how to protect him from the Arlington scandal, so Frobisher pre-empts Patty’s use of the Arlington information by holding a press conference.

    Ellen continues to investigate Moore. She finds a whistle-blower who says Moore fired her from the SEC because she was investigating Frobisher too aggressively. She also tells Ellen that in 2002, Moore was at an SEC meeting in Jacksonville when Frobisher was in Palm Beach, just before the news of serious accounting irregularities at Frobisher’s company was released. Ellen tries to bring this new information to Patty, but Patty fires her for jeopardizing the viability of their last strong lead in the case.

    Patty uses the fact of Frobisher’s impending divorce to cause him to lose control in his deposition. Frobisher tells Ray to settle the case. Ray offers Patty 500 million dollars but she turns it down. After reading Ellen’s dossier on Moore, Patty calls Ellen, who refuses to take her calls.
  • I Hate These People

    Patty goes to Ellen’s apartment to discuss the Moore dossier Ellen compiled. Ellen advises Patty to use it to pressure Moore to give them incriminating evidence against Frobisher. Because of Ellen’s relationship with Moore, Patty asks her to meet with him again.
    Ellen tells Moore she knows he tipped Frobisher off about the SEC report, and that she will find a way to prove it unless he gives her something she can use against Frobisher. Moore won’t give up Frobisher but says he will give her a present at their next meeting.

    Moore is late to their scheduled meeting, and Ellen finds him dead in his car. She rifles through his clothing looking for the information he promised. It is photographs of Ray Fiske meeting with Gregory Malina, and a statement showing Ray’s transfer of Frobisher stock to Gregory.

    Ray and Patty meet at her office and she persuades him to tank the case, offering him a job working for her once everything blows over. As he is leaving, Ray changes his mind and shoots himself in Patty’s office. Viewers see the spot of blood on her shoe that she later cleans off in the service station bathroom.
  • There Is No "We" Anymore

    Patty gives Ellen the folder with the Ray/Gregory evidence for safekeeping and instructs her to tell no one about it, including David. David disapproves of Ellen’s actions and says she has to choose between him and working with Patty. They end their engagement and Ellen leaves. Katie, who has been waiting outside the apartment, gives Gregory’s videotape to David. He watches it, then calls Ellen to tell her about the tape, and says he will hide it in their secret place.
    Lila DiMeo sneaks into Ellen and David’s apartment again and wakes David up. He throws her out, then Messer and a partner enter the apartment and demand the videotape. They search the apartment, take the Fiske evidence folder, and when David refuses to give them Gregory’s videotape, they kill him.

    Patty tells Ellen she is going to the beach house and that Ellen can stay at Patty’s apartment while Patty is away. After Messer fails to find the videotape in Ellen’s apartment, he goes to Patty’s. Ellen wakes to find an intruder in the apartment. She kills him in a struggle then returns to her own apartment to find David dead. After the police take her into custody, she meets with Tom Shayes and demands that he bring Patty to her. Patty is at a gravesite when she picks up Tom’s message saying that Ellen thinks Patty tried to kill her. Patty returns to the city, posts Ellen’s bail, and assures her that she had nothing to do with any of what’s happened. Ellen tells Patty about Gregory’s videotape and says she will give it to Patty when Patty gets her exonerated of David’s murder.
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  • Because I Know Patty

    Messer and his partner are shown waiting in a car outside Patty’s apartment building, when Ellen stumbles out covered in blood. Uncle Pete gets rid of all evidence of the murder, which took place in Patty’s apartment. Later, Patty convinces the DA to re-open David’s murder scene. Ellen, the detectives, and Patty Hewes are in Ellen’s apartment when Messer arrives to retrieve the flashlight he left behind the night of David’s murder. The police introduce him as Detective Rick Messer.
    Patty gets the murder charges against Ellen dropped. Tom retrieves the videotape from the secret compartment in the bottom of the Statue of Liberty bookend taken into evidence as David’s murder weapon. Patty plays the tape for Frobisher and he agrees to a two billion dollar settlement if Patty will bury all the evidence from the case.

    The plaintiffs celebrate the settlement at Patty’s office. Patty tells Larry to give up any claim to his share of the settlement or she will turn him over to the US Attorneys’ office for passing inside information on plaintiff deliberations to Frobisher. Enraged, Larry meets Frobisher at his land tract and shoots him. Hollis Nye tells Ellen that the feds are investigating Patty Hewes, and they want Ellen to work for them from inside Hewes & Associates.
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