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About Season 5

  • McClaren Case

    The founder of a controversial website devoted to government and corporate transparency gets sued after his most recent information leak does not go as planned. It's the perfect stage for the ultimate showdown between the mentor and her former protégée.
  • You Want To End This Once And For All?

    When whistleblower Naomi Walling approaches Channing McClaren, founder of website McClarenTruth.org, with details of insider trading at her company, it lays the foundation for the case that will pit Patty and Ellen against each other.
  • Have You Met the
    Eel Yet?

    A mysterious hacker claims to have more details about the Princefield leak. A former colleague of Patty’s offers Ellen her services.
  • Failure Is Failure

    Ellen confronts McClaren about inconsistencies in his story, and faces mounting pressure from his team and financial backers. Ellen's mother seeks her help.
  • I Love You, Mommy

    Patty and Ellen dig deeper into the source of the Princefield leak. Meanwhile, Patty uses the press to battle Ellen.
  • There's Something Wrong With Me

    Patty pushes for access to internal documents at Princefield. Someone from McClaren's personal life sheds light on his past. Patty confronts an adversary.
  • I Need to Win

    The attack Ellen suffered years ago and the death of her fiance come back to haunt her. McClaren explains his side of the story and puts the case in jeopardy.
  • The Storm’s Moving In

    A snowstorm leaves Patty and Ellen stranded. Ellen confronts Patty about the circumstances surrounding the assault she suffered years ago. McClaren uncovers a key player in the trading scandal.
  • I’m Afraid of What I’ll Find

    Ellen begins to uncover the truth about her attacker. Chris Sanchez approaches McClaren with information. Patty considers her future.
  • I Like Your Chair

    McClaren’s latest leak thrusts Ellen into the spotlight. Tensions between McClaren and Rutger Simon come to a head. A shadowy figure from Ellen’s past emerges.
  • But You Don't Do That Anymore

    In the series finale, Patty and Ellen face off against each other in court, and the shocking results will alter their lives forever.
"Damages : S5 : About Season 5 : Ellen vs Patty"

Damages Season 5 Character Profiles

  • Ellen
    Rose Byrne
    When Ellen learns that
    McClaren was referred to her
    by Patty, she comes to
    understand that she is taking
    on a case that will be fought
    both in and outside the
    Glenn Close
    Season Five opens with Patty
    at her most manipulative as
    she forces Ellen to choose
    between testifying against her
    in court and facing off against
    her in a case.
  • Whose side are you on?

"Damages : S5 : About Season 5 : Channing McClaren"
  • Channing
    Ryan Phillippe
    McClaren is the founder of McClarenTruth.org. When one of his leaks exposes the whistleblower, he's sued. His case becomes the centerpiece in the showdown between Patty and Ellen.
"Damages : S5 : About Season 5 : Naomi Walling"
  • Naomi Walling
    Jenna Elfman
    Walling is an investment bank employee. Troubled by her
    company's conduct, she approaches Channing McClaren with
    top-secret corporate data. When this information is leaked on
    McClarenTruth.org, her name and personal details about her
    life are splashed all over the media.
"Damages : S5 : About Season 5 : Kate Franklin & Rutger Simon "
  • Kate Franklin
    Janet McTeer
    A former colleague of Patty Hewes, Franklin aims to take on
    Patty by working for Ellen Parsons. Her knowledge of Patty's
    practice makes her particularly valuable to Ellen.
    Rutger Simon
    John Hannah
    Simon acts as a gatekeeper for Channing McClaren's website
    and seemingly shares McClaren's devotion to exposing fraud
    and corporate misconduct.
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