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  • Disaster Relief
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We are prepared to use our resources to aid communities in crisis.

  • DIRECTV is prepared to use its technology and resources to aid communities in crisis. Because the DIRECTV signal remains on-air during many natural disasters, people can rely on our service for news and information. In the aftermath of a disaster, DIRECTV is able to respond quickly and make innovative contributions to relief efforts.
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How we've helped

  • img colorado wildfires red cross

    Colorado Wildfires

    More than 30,000 Colorado residents have been evacuated and an estimated 500 homes have been lost due to three major wildfires burning in the state. To support them, DIRECTV has pledged a cash donation to the American Red Cross and encouraged employees to consider making a donation as well. DIRECTV will match all employee donations of $20 dollars or more.

    Photo Credit: Cesar Rodriguez/American Red Cross

  • Red Cross

    Alabama and Missouri Tornadoes

    In April and May 2011, more than a dozen states in the Midwest and Southern United States were devastated by tornadoes. DIRECTV supported the relief effort in Alabama and Missouri by providing service to the American Red Cross emergency operations, so that staff, volunteers, and those affected by the disaster had the news, information, and entertainment they needed.
  • Japan Earthquake

    Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

    To aid Japan's recovery from an unprecedented 9.0-magnitude earthquake and the devastating tsunami that claimed thousands of lives and left many more without homes, DIRECTV made corporate contributions to the American Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Fund and the Japan Society Earthquake Relief Fund. Plus, DIRECTV matched employee contributions to any of these charities dollar for dollar.
  • Haiti Earthquake

    Haiti Earthquake

    In support of the earthquake relief effort in Haiti, DIRECTV has pledged cash donations to the American Red Cross Haiti Relief and Development Fund and Un Techo Para Mi País, a Latin American organization building emergency houses for affected families in Haiti. In addition, DIRECTV is providing a dollar-for-dollar match of personal donations made by employees in the U.S. and Latin America to a wide range of relief organizations.
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