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"Technology : Mobile Apps : Tablet : Intro"

With the DIRECTV Tablet App, your favorite shows, movies, and sports
are just a tap away.

  • Experience all the amazing features of the DIRECTV Tablet App with an Internet-connected HD DVR.
  • Download the FREE DIRECTV iPad® App

  • Download the FREE DIRECTV App for Android tablet

  • Download the FREE DIRECTV App for Kindle Fire

  • Please note: On Demand video streaming is currently available on iPad. Coming soon to Android tablets.
"Technology : iPad App : TTA "
  • information icon

    New! The DIRECTV iPad® App has been completely redesigned to make your
    entertainment experience better than ever.

    • Now access all your content from a single menu, so browsing is a breeze. Just tap the menu icon
      at the top-left corner.
    • New sections for TV Shows and Networks make finding your favorite shows easier.
    • New filter options in each section let you filter what’s available on your iPad and what’s available on your TV.
    • See at a glance all the devices a program is available on.
    • Choose where to watch a program—on your iPad or on your TV—from a single Watch button.

    Install the new version of the DIRECTV app today
"Technology : Mobile Apps : iPad : Instant"
  • Enjoy thousands of movies and shows On Demand.

    Watch shows and movies on your tablet. Enjoy thousands of shows and movies instantly on your tablet anytime, anywhere, including your favorite entertainment from HBO®, Cinemax®, Showtime®, STARZ®, and Encore®. Plus watch hundreds of the latest movie releases from DIRECTV CINEMA™. After you've installed the DIRECTV App, go to to browse movies and shows.
"Technology : Mobile Apps : iPad : Watch Live TV"
  • Watch live TV on your tablet.

    Turn your tablet into a portable TV. Watch your favorite channels anywhere in your home. You can even watch select channels, including AUDIENCE Network™, inside or outside your home. A dedicated module on your screen shows you the channels you can tune in to. Just tap and watch. It won't interrupt what's playing on any of your TVs.
"Technology : Mobile Apps : iPad : 3X"
  • iPad 3cols new
  • Discover the best in TV entertainment.

    Finding what to watch has never been this easy. See listings of movies and sports in dedicated modules. See what’s playing now on your favorite channels or view a complete
    14-day guide.
  • Customize your entertainment.

    Personalize the DIRECTV™ Tablet App by choosing the channels you watch most. You can also choose the teams and sports you want to follow. You can even control what modules you want the app to show.
  • Control your TV.

    Use your tablet as a remote control. You'll love pausing, rewinding, fast-forwarding, recording, and more, all with a simple tap. The DIRECTV™ Tablet App also gives you some features not included in your regular remote control.
"WIDTV : Mobile Apps : iPad : More features"

More features

  • New! Completely redesigned look and navigation

    All new Menu design to make browsing your content easier, with a new TV Shows section with filter capabilities based on where you want to view your programming - on your iPad or on your TV. Plus a completely redesigned Info Page for a more visual experience, and a Watch Button that combines all the ways you can watch a program on your iPad or TV into a single location. 

  • Multiple Streaming

    Stream select channels on multiple mobile devices inside the home at any time.
  • DIRECTV Everywhere

    Watch the same movies and shows, on demand, from anywhere—on your TVs at home, plus on your laptop, tablet and cell phone no matter where you go. All at no extra charge. (Limited programming available. Standard programming fees apply.)
  • Social Media Capability

    Connect to Facebook, Twitter and GetGlue to discover what shows and movies people are talking about now, and to share what you're watching.
  • Guide

    View by grid or by channel list, see a single channel's schedule for the entire day, set favorite channels and scan up to 14 days in advance to see what's available to record.
  • Smart Search

    Enhanced search functionality to show results as you type, top picks of the week, and listings of programs that you can watch on your mobile device.
  • Sports

    View scores, customize which sports you see and customize your teams. Scores are turned off by default to avoid spoiling results. You can turn them on in the upper right corner.
  • DVR Scheduler

    Forget to set your home DVR? You can use your mobile device to schedule a recording on the go, from anywhere. You can even schedule your DVR to record movies that are still in theaters as soon as they become available on DIRECTV.
  • Parental Controls

    The Parental Control feature allows you to restrict the viewing of channels to watch on your child’s mobile device. Parental Controls can be found within “Settings” by tapping the GEAR icon located in the top right corner of the tablet app or the “More” section on your phone.
"WIDTV : Mobile Apps : iPad : rhr : At a Glance"

At a Glance

  • Watch shows and movies on your iPad®

  • Watch live TV on your iPad®

  • Create lists of your favorite channels

  • Browse movies on one screen

  • Track your favorite teams with real-time scores

  • Control your TV with a tap

  • Get detailed show info

  • Record shows to your DVR

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