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Advanced Receiver Service
New Customers
Call 1-800-DIRECTV to order
"Technology : Whole-Home : Intro"

Now every TV in your home can share one HD DVR.

Only DIRECTV's Whole-Home DVR service lets you do all this:

  • Stop and Watch
  • Watch recorded shows in any room.

    With Whole-Home DVR service, you can watch your recorded shows on any TV, all from one HD DVR. So let’s say your HD DVR is in your living room, but you want to watch a recorded show on your TV in your bedroom or your kids want to watch a show in their room. Whole-Home DVR lets you watch your recorded shows in any room.
  • Start watching in one room and finish where you left off in another room

    You're enjoying a recorded movie in the living room, but you want to finish watching it in the comfort of your bed. No problem. Just stop the movie, and when you're all set to start it again in your bedroom, just go to your DVR playlist, select the movie, and resume.
"Technology : Whole-Home : Any Room"
  • Whole-Home Record From Any Room

    Record any show from
    any room.

    Say you’re doing some work in your den and you just remembered to record the big game. Just set the HD DVR in the living room right from your connected TV in the den.

    Delete your recorded shows from any room.

    Finished watching the game in your bedroom? Go ahead and delete it right there. No need to go to the HD DVR in your living room.
"Technology : Whole-Home : 3 Items"
  • Whole Home DIRECTV HD

    Watch shows in HD in
    every room.

    With DIRECTV Whole-Home DVR, if you recorded it in HD, you can watch it in HD in any room. You can't do that with cable or DISH Network.
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    On Demand, Pandora, and YouTube on every TV.

    With a Genie™ Whole-Home HD DVR connected to your home Internet service, you can enjoy thousands of On Demand movies and shows, Pandora radio, and YouTube on every TV.
  • Whole Home Parental Controls

    Set separate parental control options for each TV.

    If you want to set parental controls for the TV in the kids' room but not for the one in your bedroom, you can do that. Each TV can have its own parental control settings.
"Technology : Whole-Home : What Do I Need"

What do I need for Whole-Home DVR service?

You can enjoy DIRECTV Whole-Home DVR service with 2 different receiver setups:

  • Whole-Home HD DVR + Minis

    This state-of-the-art Whole-Home HD DVR setup requires one Genie™ Whole-Home HD DVR connected to one of your TVs and a small, easy-to-hide box called Genie™ Mini for each additional TV. Learn more about Genie™
  • DIRECTV Plus HD DVR + HD receivers

    This setup requires one DIRECTV Plus HD DVR for one of your TVs and a DIRECTV HD receiver for each additional TV.
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  • New Customers:

    Just add the required receivers when you order DIRECTV. Our professional installer will set up your DIRECTV system for Whole-Home DVR service at NO additional charge. Get DIRECTV
  • Current Customers:

    If you already have a DIRECTV Plus HD DVR and at least one HD receiver in your current DIRECTV system but are not enjoying Whole-Home HD DVR service, you may just need to activate Advanced Receiver Service. To confirm your setup and activate, sign in to My Account or call 1-800-531-5000. To order new receivers and arrange for Whole-Home HD DVR installation, please call 1-800-531-5000.
"Technology : Whole-Home: Current Customers : Flex Targeter"
"Technology : Whole-Home : Current Customers : RHR"

Current Customers:

  • Not sure you’re set up for Whole-Home DVR?

    If you're not sure DIRECTV® System is set up for Whole-Home DVR, please call 1-800-531-5000. Equipment and/or installation charges may apply.
"Technology : Whole-Home : rhr : Recording capacity"
  • You can never have
    enough recording space.

    Chances are, everyone in your family has different shows they want to record. Here’s an easy way to double your recording capacity to fit all of them. Just add another HD DVR to your Whole-Home DVR network. Don’t worry about having to remember which DVR you recorded a show on. You’ll see a single, unified playlist of all your recordings no matter which TV you’re watching.

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