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"Contact Us : System Installer"
Become an System Installer

Bring great TV to the people

Installing DIRECTV is a great career that brings exciting and valuable entertainment to the public.

Serve the residential market

If you want to work with an independently owned company that contracts with DIRECTV to install and service DIRECTV® system equipment in the residential market, complete an online job application.

If you represent an installation company and would like to work with DIRECTV, submit this online form.

Become an independent contractor

If you want to be an independent contractor for residential, MDUs (Multiple-Dwelling Units) and commercial markets, call the Master System Operator (MSO) in your region for training.

MSO companies assist with rights of entry, technical training and administrative/marketing support, and are required to meet the highest performance standards. Their expertise can better help you meet the needs of your customers.

To locate the MSO nearest you, call 1-800-383-4388. Or for more information, call dealer services at 1-800-323-1994.

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