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  • LandingPg CanelovsChavez FaceOff

    One goes home with head hung down. The other takes the Mexican crown.

    This Cinco de Mayo weekend, two hard-hitting Mexican fighters “Canelo” Alvarez and Julio Cesar Chavez will go fist-to-fist and pound-for-pound in one of the biggest boxing showdowns of all time. But this is more than a match, it’s a battle for best fighter from Mexico.
"Boxing : Canelo / Chavez : List : Tale to the Tape"
  • LandingPg CanelovsChavez ENG TaleOfTheTape
"Boxing : Canelo / Chavez : List : The Road to Vegas"

The Road to Vegas

Watch the buzz on Canelo and Chavez.

  • LandingPg CanelovsChavez A Fighting Tradition2
    A Fighting Tradition:
    Canelo/Chavez, Jr. (Full Show)
  • Show2
    Preview Show:
    Canelo vs. Chavez, Jr
"Boxing : Canelo / Chavez : List : Oscar De La Hoya"
  • “Out of all the fights on the calendar this year,
    this is the biggest fight of them all.” – Peter Nelson, Executive Vice President of HBO®

"Boxing : Canelo / Chavez : List : Greatest Hits"

Greatest Hits

Good fighters hit. Great fighters hit harder. Watch Chavez and Canelo’s greatest hits.

  • LandingPg CanelovsChavez Canelo GreatestHits

    Canelo Greatest Hits

    Look back at the strength and power of the middleweight champ.
  • LandingPg CanelovsChavez Chavez GreatestHits

    Chavez, Jr. Greatest Hits

    Relive the speed and fury of the two-time world titlist.
  • LandingPg CanelovsChavez Press Conference

    Canelo v. Chavez, Jr. Press Conference

    The fighters meet in NYC for the announcement of their highly anticipated middleweight championship showdown.
"Boxing : Canelo / Chavez : List : Top Questions"
  • See more top questions
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